Team News 11.17

Daring Greatly in Faith, Academics, & Service for SMCS

Gratitude Month


Good evening! I will keep this short as your grades are due---please remember to finalize your grades before Monday. We need your support. Thank you!

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Reminders and Updates

  • Progress report grades are due tonight.
  • Mass will be on Thursday, not Friday at 11AM. We will follow Thursday schedule on Friday. We will follow Friday schedule on Thursday. I will have a lunch schedule to you by end of day Monday.
  • Remember to follow the classroom routines as much as possible this week as behavior always likes to pop up just when they are heading into a break.

BOGO Bookfair

A Classroom Christmas Gift!

We received a grant for classroom literacy and the Arch is helping me spend our Title 1 monies on Learning A to Z. So that means the money is coming directly to YOU. Each teacher will receive at least $200 for their classroom library to purchase items from scholastic. Please get your class book sets and classroom library requests to Mrs. Fischer by Friday so we can be sure to get these items to you. The book fair coming our way is buy one get one free, so you will really be getting almost $400 for your class!


Thursday, Dec. 12th, 6:30-8pm


Free yummy dinner on the town and adult beverages for you and a plus one. Location TBA.

Missed our Team Meeting? Minutes and Notes here!

School Schedules: Duty, Classroom and Contact Information

This Week's Scheduled Interruptions/Off Campus/Subbing

Monday: Teacher and Assistant Meeting 11:30AM to 12:15PM

Mrs. Daigle to cover Kinder, Mrs. Torres to cover PK4, Molly to cover PK3

Thursday: Blue Mass at 11AM, New Schedule your way for LUNCH

Friday: Follow Thursday Schedule

Mass Information

Blue Mass on Thursday

Middle School

Dec 6

1st grade

Dec 12

Middle School and 2nd Grade

Our Lady of Guadalupe Feast Day

Please always confirm readers and begin practicing with them by Tuesday. Please email your assignments to Ms. Cortez and Ms. Salazar by Wednesday.

October/ November/December Duty

Edited based on your feedback! Tried to shuffle it around so you aren't back to back. If you are going to be absent or late, please make sure you secure a sub for your duty.
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Gratitude from the past week

Thank you to...

  • Ms. Molly and Ms. Lori for your help with the Teacher Gratitude Lunches.
  • Coach Garcia for getting our Basketball season started with two new coaches!!
  • Mrs. Bazany and Mr. Bazany for your help with our warehouse books.
  • Middle school team for bringing to note needed changes and supporting together our moving forward!
  • All of the unnoticed yet appreciated ways each of you helps our school remain firmly rooted.

Grading Deadlines

Progress Report Quarter 2: Grades complete by Sunday, Nov. 17

Report Card Quarter 2: Grades AND Skill Sets due by Thursday, December 19 at 7PM.

Progress Report Quarter 3: Grades complete by Sunday, Feb 9th.

Report Card Quarter 3: Grades and Skill Sets due by March 17 at 7PM.

Progress Report Quarter 4: Grades complete by Sunday, April 19.

8th Grade Report Card: Grades complete by May 22.

Kinder to 7th Grade: Take grades and complete until May 29.