Vasco Da Gama

Greatest Navigator of the Renaissance Time Period

Vasco's Background

Born 1460 Sines, Portugal, Died 1524 Cochin, India. His father was the governor of Sines, where Vasco was born. He was a explorer and from Portugal.

Vasco's Achievements

Vasco Da Gama found a quicker way to travel to India for trade between Portugal/Spain and India. He was richly rewarded for his services by his sovereign, being made Count of Vidiguerira and Admiral of the Indian Seas and receiving pensions and a lucrative slice of the Eastern trade. He went to India a total amount of 3 times.

Vasco's Impact on Today

Some boats still uses the same route he took. And increased trade and comers between India and Spain/Portugal. Gets as much credit as Christopher Columbus.

Interesting facts about Vasco Da Gama

Vasco Da Gama finished what Christopher Columbus was sent to do. Vasco's main achievement should be celebrated just as much as Christopher's achievement since both men did not discover unoccupied territory. His father was the governor of Sines, Portugal.