A Minute with Mr. Mac!

Take a minute to brief yourself on "Yellow Team News!"

Our Instructional Focus = Academic Growth for Every Student


  • Focus on daily classroom instruction as well as interventions.
  • Growth is the ultimate goal.
  • Improvement comes from thinking outside the box.
  • Look at the types of questions you are asking.
  • Use tutorial time wisely.
  • Our success depends on the effectiveness of each classroom teacher.

I know that we have the right staff in place to ensure all of our students enjoy success!

Yellow Team Rocks

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Please continue to implement the ELPS into your instruction for LEP students. If you have any questions about a student’s linguistic accommodations, please don’t hesitate to ask Ms. Ryan. We will be meeting soon as a team to reassess student’s current needs.

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Special Education and CMIT/504

Please be conscientious regarding Special Education and CMIT/504 accommodations. If a Special Education student is having difficulty, consult with the student's Case Manager and Mrs Ryan. Of course, always involve the parent. If you have any questions in this area please feel free to see Ms. Ryan or any administrator.

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