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March Recognition April Newsletter 2014

Happy Spring!

Hello Ladies, Spring has sprung and Summer is just around the corner. I can't tell you how excited I am about the new Summer catalog. It's filled with great new products and prints to share with our customers. Also, please make sure you are sharing the Retirement list with your customers so they can complete collections. Be sure to check Business Update to make sure you are aware of whats gone and what's on back order.

I'm always here for you girls, call, text, email or Facebook me!

Thanks, Nicole



Top Sales

1. Beth Houser $1,435.50

2. Debbie Bledsoe $747.50

3. Stacy Cummings $528.00

Top # of Parties

1. Beth Houser 3 parties

2. Debbie Bledsoe 2 parties

3. Stacy Cummings 1 party

Important Dates

April 21st

Check your inbox for May Inspire.

April 30th

Last day to earn Conference Bucks.

April 30th

Staggered month-end deadlines

April 30th

Last day to submit orders from the Spring Catalog

May 1st

Summer 2014 Catalog Launch

May 7th-22nd

Register to attend June C&C

Happy Birthday!

Laura Brewer April 1

Tracy Eng April 12

Stacy Cummings April 20

Happy Anniversary

Tiffany Eng-Szakacs April 13 1 Year

Robyn Parmer April 24 1 Year

Nicole Checolo

Girls I know we all go through things in life. I want you to know that as happy as I am that thirty-one brought us together I will always be here to listen. Sometimes we need advice and sometimes we just want someone to lean on. I'm so blessed to have you all on my team. I look forward to seeing the amazing things that thirty-one has in store for you!