History of Samba

The samba was originally established in Brazil during the 19th century. Before it was called samba it was called "maxixe". After the samba was established, it came very popular in France and the United States. The samba is known as the joy of celebration at Carnivals in Rio. Their are a variety of different type of samba dances like samba de Gafieira, samba no pe, samba Pagode, samba reggae, samba de roda, samba axe, and samba rock. The ballroom samba is the most popular one. Over many years, a lot of things have been incorporated into the samba like tricks and turns. The couple that are dancing samba can be interpreted as being happy, being flirty, and being exuberant. Today all across the world, many couples or solo dancers dance to any kind of samba.
Kayla and Max - Samba