Container Home Final

By: Nicholas van Buitenen

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This is a back view of my colored sketch up design

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This a front view of my colored sketch up design

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Game room

I like the playful mood to the room and the low exposure of light

End Reflection

The best place for this home would be Texas due to the amount of light this house takes in. Also the pool is necessary for the heat in that specific state. Also, container homes are very popular here. I enjoyed the amount of freedom of choosing what my house would look like. I also liked using sketch up because it gave a visual representation of what my house would look like if it were to be constructed. I was having a lot of troubles putting in windows and doors. Not only was it hard to cut out the necessary lengths of the doors and windows but also finding the right doors from the warehouse that would fit. I could've done better with adding more things and doing better on the landscaping.