Online Degree Programs in Dubai

Top 8 Online Degree Programs in Dubai

Ever since its economical development in 2002, many cities of UAE especially Dubai have started paying more attention to the field of education. Apart from traditional mode of education, online learning has also become very popular among the individuals of Dubai.

Take a look at the top ten online degree programs in Dubai that students are enrolling in:

Online Business Program: the online business program is the most popular type of degree that students are vying for. Students are enrolling in online platforms to major in sub-disciplines of business like Business Administration and Management, International Studies, Sales Management and Finance.

Online Education Program: researches have shown that individuals who build their careers in the field of education suffer the least impact during times of recession. In Dubai, education is the most sought after field especially for young girls and married women. Programs like Bilingual Education, Adult Education and Childhood Development are all great fields of education.

Online Computer Science Degree: degree programs related to the IT sector, web designing, graphic designing and software are a great favorite of youth in Dubai. Students can specialize in computer science fields like programming, software engineering and network management.

Online Health Science Degree: health science is considered to be the fourth largest discipline of study and it is also one of the most sought after online degree programs in Dubai. A student can get a bachelors or masters degree in health science in the sub-fields of nursing, public health administration and integrative health.

Online Culinary Studies Programs: many people in Dubai and many other cities of UAE prefer culinary studies over other kinds of professional career paths. A student can do his or her bachelor’s in hotel management, hospitality management and culinary art management.

Online Legal Studies Programs: Some of the most in demand field of studies related to law are criminal justice, security management and computer security management.

Online Art and Design Programs: a lot of students now days are interested in entering the fields of online games, video and Internet marketing. For those individuals, a degree in graphic arts, media sciences, and animation can be a good idea.

Online Liberal Arts: a student can get a benefit of an online arts degree and can choose from a variety of liberal arts subjects like sociology, philosophy, anthropology and history.