the U. P. is a great place but let me tell you why

The Bridge

The Bridge is the 5 Longest Suspension Bridge in the world.Its 8,038 meters long.The reason i love its because it was my first Bridge i went over and I thout seeing lake Michigan and Huron at the same time.the best part was at sun set,seeing it all pink and glow.
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mackinac island

At first you take a Fairy across the lakes then you arrive at a dock and get off. Mackinac island has no cars except for the ambulances other than that no cars its all walking distance .the best part was looking out in the water from the island and seeing long huge lakes.But its a close tie to the fudge they have fudge shops everywhere.
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the sew locks

the sew locks is a amazingly cool boat travel thing.Since the great lakes are at diff rant elevation they go in one close it fill it up goes in new one closes fills up goes in and leaves its cooler then it sounds. Theirs also the Edmond Fitzgerald bell.
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i went with my cousins and parents and we ate then went across the street and theirs shops every where along the streets my dad bout me and my cousin a sling shot they were carved in animals. mine was a moose.


The beaches are beautiful. hotels are lined on the beaches along lake Huron.the water is cold and rocky but the lake is beautiful and still .
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