Final Project Part 1

Holli Kirk

Internet Privacy

2 advantages- You can have better communication with others. You can increase your education. 2 disadvantages- You don't have much privacy. People can steal your identity.

3 pieces of information that should be kept private- Your account passwords, your credit card numbers, where you live. A negative post or message might ruin someone's reputation. It's always gonna be there, it's never gone. Other people might carry this message on and this kid could get bullied everyday for that message.


Cyber bullying is when a child, teen, or preteen gets tormented, threatened, harassed, humiliated,and/or embarrassed using the internet. Cyber bullying typically escalates when kids take things to far, when the kids start harming themselves, and when its an everyday thing. The victim can ignore, record, reach out, cut off the bully, go high tech. To de-escalate a potential cyber bullying situation is to not reply back or get off online. Block the cyber bully.
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Persuasive Advertising

They both use emotion and some kind of way use recycling and saving. The first ad is about pollution and the second ad is about saving water. The advertiser is trying to make people feel bad so they will stop polluting and start saving water. There trying to target families.

Body and Image in the Media

I think it is unethical to digitally manipulate photos. I think this because there showing women who aren't even that size. Then people want to be that size but in reality they are not that person. It puts fake ideas, pictures in people's heads. Some effects the media has on gender stereotypes is men think there better than women and they believe they have to look that way or they wont get ladies. Women believe that there fat or too skinny because of the media, they also try to lose weight or do other things to look like the people in the media.

Violence in the Media

Violence in the media can make children mean and try those things in real life. I don't agree that video games teach kids to kill, I think kids know right from wrong and that video games are fake not real.

Media Usage

The hardest thing that I would have to give up is Netflix because I watch it everyday and its hard to stop watching a show when you start. This would prove that technology has a huge tole on people. People get addicted to technology. I think some teens feel pressured into presenting themselves online because they like to keep to their selves and don't like their selves enough to be online. I think its harder for girls because boys honestly don't care.