MBC Login Issues??

Solving problems in the classroom

MBC Log In Problems?

We expect first time problems, but this should get you through the first time blues in no time.

One issue is that students are either not entering the school information, or they are typing the whole name. They should select a school by typing the name of the school, then when Paradise Junior High appears, select it. If that doesn't work, see information about privacy and cookies.

Privacy and Cookies

Students are not supposed to clear cookies or be in privacy mode at any time. MBC and other websites will not function properly when in this mode.

To check for privacy mode, look at the color of the browser. If it is dark grey, like the one in the picture, then it is in privacy mode. If it is light grey, then it is not. Students should never be in privacy mode. Feel free to let them know and write them up in the future. It slows down our productivity in the classroom when they are.