Team Howlers Newsletter

Week of May 9- B Week

School News & Important Dates:

State Testing Dates:

  • SC PASS Social Studies Test: May 18
  • SC PASS Science Test: May 19

Important School Dates:

  • May 12 - 6th Grade Band Concert-BTMS Gym-2:30-3:10 PM
  • May 13- Science and Social Studies Field Day
  • May 20 - 6th Grade Kickball Tournament
  • May 23 - Yearbook Distribution for students who have purchased yearbooks
  • May 24- 6th Grade Awards Day- 9-10:30 AM *Parents will be notified ahead of time if their child is receiving a special award from our team
  • May 25 - Last Day of School - 1/2 Day - Students dismissed at 11:45 AM

Team Howlers News:

Schedule Change for this Week:

  • Due to 8th grade testing this week, we will be switching schedules with 8th grade for Monday to Thursday of this week only.
  • Here is a copy of the schedule:
  • Since we will be eating lunch later, students may want to bring a snack to eat after related arts.

Upcoming Banks Trail Middle School Sports Camps:

  • Here is a link with all of the information about upcoming sports camps, costs, and how to register.

Parent Portal Information:

Please make sure you check Parent Portal ( to see how your child is doing in his/her classes. If you should have a question about grades, please contact your child’s teacher directly.


Mr. Donnelly -

GT Math Website Address -

Regular (Grade Level) Math Website Address -

Regular Math: Students will have Monday to finish their Dream House Project. I will collect it on Tuesday. It will be considered late after Tuesday and lose 5 points each day it is turned in late. On Friday, We reviewed the second project we will be doing, The Math Curse. Students done with the Dream House will be working on the Math Curse project. Students are encouraged to do some work at home. The Math Curse is due on Thursday, May 12. The Math Curse will be considered late (and lose 5 points per day) if it is turned in on Friday May 13th or after.

Regular Math Tutoring Times:

Webster: Tuesday 7:40 – 8:05 AM

Adldoost: Wednesday 7:40 – 8:05 AM

Donnelly: Wednesday 11:05 – 11:30 AM

Regular Math Homework:

Monday: No HW

Tuesday: No HW

Wednesday: No HW

Thursday: No HW

Friday: No HW

GT Math: We will finish our mini units on Percent’s by Tuesday and have a test scheduled for Wednesday, May 11. We will also introduce the Math Curse Project this week with a due date of May 17. Late projects will lose 5 points each day late. Students are encouraged to work on the Math Curse at home as well as class time given.

GT Math Tutoring Times:

Donnelly: Monday 11:05 – 11:30 AM

Adldoost: Tuesday 7:40 – 8:05 AM

Webster: Thursday 7:40 – 8:05 AM

GT Math Homework:

Monday: No HW

Tuesday: No HW

Wednesday: No HW

Thursday: No HW

Friday: No HW


Ms. Lyle -

GT Science Website Address -

Grade Level Science Website Address -

This week in science we will be reviewing for our Science Pass test which will take place on May 19th. This week we will be reviewing Scientific inquiry skills, Energy, and Weather.

Homework: Will be assigned as needed to review for PASS

Language Arts:

Mrs. Munn -

3rd & 4th Periods (GT) Website Address -

5th & 6th Periods (Grade Level) Website Address -

2016-17 Summer Reading List:

Students are finishing up their Hero Projects today and tomorrow. I am excited to see what the students came up with. We will begin working on a play project on Thursday this week. The students will be creating their own short play with a small group. They will act it out in front of their peers next week. This will be due next Tuesday, May 17. This is always a project that students enjoy doing.

4th 9 Weeks Independent Reading Project: Students are to select a novel to read independently this nine weeks. Students should show this novel to me to make sure that it is approved. Students were given a sheet on Tuesday, March 15, explaining the project. Students will have to complete one 60 point and one 40 point activity for the book they are reading. There are several activities for the students to choose from. This project will be due on Friday, May 13. Here is a link to the information about this project that students were given in class on March 15:

If your child needs some help choosing a book to read, he/she can come to me for some suggestions or you may go to - there are several options to search by such as: similar book to one they liked or by series.



Monday to Thursday:

*Read 20 minutes--work on 4th Quarter Reading Project due May 13

Upcoming Tests and Projects:


Tuesday, May 10: End of Class Hero Project Due

Friday, May 13- 4th Quarter Book Project due

Tuesday, May 17 - Present Play Projects

Social Studies:

Mr. Pauley -

GT Social Studies Website Address -

Grade Level Social Studies Website Address -

On Monday of this week we will be continuing our work on the travel project. By Monday’s end, the students should have all their pictures uploaded to the WeVideo software that we are using in class. Students that are not finished will have Tuesday in class as well while the rest of the class participates in a geography activity. Projects will be due on Thursday, May 12th. On Wednesday we will begin our PASS review. This will last through next week until our Social Studies PASS on the 18th. We will cover the basics of world religions, famous people, and accomplishments. Thank you and have a great week!