How do I Enroll Someone?

You have someone ready to enroll

You have shared samples and your story with someone you care about, and he/she is excited to try these incredible oils for his/herself. Here's how easy it is to enroll someone. Its all available online through your back office.

BUT FIRST, it is improtant to know that you must have a minimum of 100pv in your LRP cart in order to be eligable to get paid! When you enroll someone, you will earn 20% on everything he/she buys in the first 60 days, to include the enrollment kit of his/her choice. So make sure that you keep 100pv in your cart at all times when you expect a commission check!

log on to, then click on the Dashboard tab

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Enroll A Wellness Advocate

On the top right of the page, next to the Qualifications widget, you will see the hyperlink to the online enrollment form. Click on the link and it will bring you to the following page:
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Just click continue

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"Wholesale Customer" is highlighted.

The NEW Wholesale Customer ACCOUNT allows people to have access to the Wholesale prices all the time without giving their social security number (because they will not be allowed to earn any commissions...the ssn is needed for tax purposes when you do get paid). This account allows people to get 25% off of retail prices and participate in the Loyalty Rewards Program as well as take advantage of the Product of The Month too. THE ONLY difference between these two accounts is, the Wholesale Customer CANNOT ENROLL new people and CANNOT EARN MONEY. You also cannot Sponsor people under a Wholesale Customer.

The Wellness Advocate is the account that allows FULL ACCESS to all of the benefits of dōTERRA and is the account that allows people the option to Share and/or Build dōTERRA for themselves. It is the only account where you CAN EARN commissions/bonuses ($$$). With this account, you will need to provide your social security number because it is your tax ID and when any company PAYS YOU, the IRS requires this. If your new enrollee wants to enroll people him/herself, than make sure Wellness Advocate is the option you choose.

If someone enrolls as a Wholesale Customer and decides later that he/she DOES WANT to earn money with dōTERRA, he/she can UPGRADE his/her account to a Wellness Advocate for FREE after the first 90 days.

There is no reason to downgrade an account FROM Wellness Advocate to Wholesale Customer, because even if you never want to share/enroll people, it is not required. Once you are a Wellness Advocate, you have every option available to you.

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online enrollment form

Help your new enrollee fill in his/her information here.
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Make sure to verify your member ID number!

Click "Verify ID" and your name should come up as the enroller. You do not need to choose a sponsor. This is only for when you want to place this new person under someone else on your team, other than yourself. If the new enrollee will be directly under you (on your frontline), then you should be the Enroller and the Sponsor.
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Select your kit option

Here you are selecting everything your new enrollee wants to come in his/her first order. Select the kit and anything else he/she wants to come in the first shipment. Use the purple arrows, to see all of the kit options. Be sure not to choose a Spanish Option unless you want everything in Spanish. Once you choose the kit, you can also add items by clicking into the "My 1st Order Cart" section.
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How to Complete the order

After completing the Payment Information section, hit "Process Order Now & Continue." That's it! You have successfully enrolled someone new to the wonderful world of dōTERRA!!! Now you will be asked to set up an LRP order. Both accounts have the ability to sign up for this great program. Remember the Loyalty Rewards Program is the smartest way to buy dōTERRA products because you earn points back for buying regularly (auto shipped monthly order) and staying loyal (earn a higher percent back each quarter, as long as you spend at least 50pv each month). So if your new enrollee wants to take advantage of this great program, help him/her sign up for his/her LRP order, which will be shipped the following month, on the date that he/she chooses.

Below is a video that goes over all of this in a little more detail, but the video is older and with the old titles for the old accounts. You will still get the idea of how it works though. I'll try to update this video soon!