No not Cole, COAL.

Is it renewable?

Coal is a non-renewable resource, because it takes extreme conditions and a very long time for decomposing organic matter to turn into coal.

Where is coal found on Earth? Is it produced with technology in a factory?

Coal is found almost everywhere on Earth and is not produced with technology in a factory. It is usualy mined from the ground.
How Do They Do It__ Coal Mining Video.flv

How does coal work to produce energy?

Think of coal like wood. In a wood stove or furnace, wood is burned to produce heat. You burn coal to produce heat that turns water into steam. The expansion of the steam drives steam turbines generators producing electricity.

What are the uses for this energy?

Coal is used worldwide and has many uses. Some of the most important uses are electricity generation, steel production, cement manufacturing and liquid fuel.

Are there products created through coal?

Coal can be turned into liquid fuel. This is an alternative to oil. It goes through a process called coal liquefication. There are two different ways to do this process: Direct liquefication and indirect liquefication.
How to Convert Coal into Liquid Fuel

Who uses coal?

Almost everyone uses coal. Companies and factories use coal to generate electricity, people use coal to heat their houses, steam trains use coal to power their engines, and restaurants use coal to make their food.

What are the costs and benefits when using coal?

Benefits: Low cost, high load factor, large potential compared to oil, big industrial base, and coal can be turned into liquid fuel. Costs: green house gas emissions, Devastation of Earth and Scenery Near Coal Mines, and Emission of Harmful Substances like Sulfur Dioxide,Carbon Monoxide, Mercury, Selenium, Arsenic, and Acid Rain.

The environmental impact of the coal industry.

The environmental impact of the coal industry has to do with the issues like land use, waste management, water and air pollution caused by the coal mining, processing and the use of its products. It also harms the atmosphere with hundreds of millions of tons of solid waste products annually.
Earth Month 2009: Clean Coal

What are the advantages of using coal?

Some advantages of using coal are: It is easily distributed throughout the world, it is cheap, accesible, and very large amounts of electricity can be produced in one place using coal, fairly cheaply.

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Coal is a decent energy source and used throughout the world. While it may not be the most environmental friendly, it is a cheap way to get energy for everyone and one of the top energy resources we use.

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