FACE Distance Learning 2020/21

Orientation instructions

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Burlington English

Hello and welcome to this online orientation for Burlington English.

Burlington English classes improve your English skills by giving you practice activities in grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and reading comprehension. Some classes have language translation. You can work online at your own pace.

Students need

1. Internet access,

2. a phone, tablet or laptop, and

3. a personal email address.

Headset use is optional for pronunciation practice online.

If you are using a phone, download the Burlington English app to study online.

Successful online learners follow these guidelines:

1. Make every effort to complete an online course during the quarter

2. Log in to your course daily and complete all activities. Spend at least 5 hours per week on your online coursework. It takes about 25-80 hours on average to complete a course.

3. Contact your teacher by email or on zoom if you have questions.

4. Choose a quiet place to study, especially when practicing your pronunciation.

5. Check your PROGRESS. Be in contact with your teacher about your progress.

6. Complete all activities with an overall score of 80% or higher and earn a Certificate of Achievement.

7. All students are required to take a pre and post Casas test each quarter.

The Burlington English app for web based courses

Whether you use a laptop, tablet or phone, you will access classes using the BE app

Laptop and tablet users use this web address: app.burlingtonenglish.com/account/login

Enter the username and password you received via email, click on the Courses tile and select your class. Start with Student Lessons. Look for more courses to be added here soon!

Phone users download the app.

Please watch the tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FN2EmX06ycM&list=PLCLJvPCnVL3eqQuwc5Om_tr42-QA42gC5

Use the app to enter the username and password that you received via email and click on the Courses tile. Open the course at your level and start with Student Lessons.

The Burlington English download is being phased out

The BE software download at https://www.burlingtonenglish.com/start/ is being retired. This software puts an icon on your desktop so you can easily enter the classes. Some of these classes will become web based classes by November or December 2020.

Youtube video instructions

Entering your course with the BE download icon

1) Double click on the new BE icon on your desktop if you have downloaded the software. You will see a window that prompts for username and password. You will receive a log in for your username and password via email. You do not need an Activation Code. You will see a short orientation video in BE that plays only once. After the video you can explore the home page and find your class. Click on your class title to open it. Wait a few moments while it downloads. Click on Module 1. By clicking on Module 1, you will see all the Situations appear to the right. Click on Situation 1 to begin your class. Do all the activities in each situation working from left to right. Finish all the situations before going to Module 2. Learn about the Progress button


What else does Burlington English offer?

Burlington English has a large collection of books to read and listen to. Click on the Readers tile. These are classic books at beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels that can send you on a wonderful journey.

There are tutorials in BE that give you help. Click on the Tutorials tile.

Questions or Comments

Please contact me if you need help.

Pamela Weiss Barr pweissbarr@fusdk12.net

Distance Learning Facilitator

Fremont Adult and Continuing Education