Dissociative Identity Disorder

Hailey Wright 10/14/16 Health-6


A disorder characterized by the presence of two or more distinct personality states.


How many identity's do you have.


Can be caused by trauma during childhood



  • impulsivity,
  • self-destructive behavior,
  • self-harm

  • altered consciousness
  • depression
  • flashback

  • anxiety
  • feeling detached from self
  • mood swings
Also common

  • amnesia
  • blackout

Age Tendencies

Can be found anywhere from 3-60+

  • Less common in ages 3-13
  • Most common in ages 14-60+


The only treatment is to talk

Cognitive behavioral therapy

  • A talk therapy focused on modifying negative thoughts, behaviors, and emotional responses associated with psychological distress

Family therapy

  • Psychological counseling that helps families resolve conflicts and communicate more effectively


  • Treatment of mental or behavioral disorders through talk therapy.

DID you know?

  • Its rare desiese
  • Its usually a reaction to trauma as a way to help a person avoid bad memories.
  • It can not be cured but treatment may help.
  • Requires a medical diagnosis
  • Chronic: can last for years or be lifelong
  • Fewer than 200,000 US cases per year

National Alliance on Mental Illness

  • Member Services888-999-6264
  • HelpLine800-950-6264
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