By Cannon mcbeath


"The quality of doctors and the density of their distribution have been shown to correlate with positive outcomes in cardiovascular diseases"


  • You have to have a license
  • You have to help people
  • You need to have a good education
  • You have to be sanatized
  • You get paid good money
  • You work in hospitals
  • Usually work more 40 hours a week
  • Diagnose and treat people
  • Training last 10 years after high school
  • You have to really know what your doing

Pros and cons

Pro- they make good money

Pro- a good job

Pro- you can help somebody's life every day

Con- easy to get sick

Con- stressful

Con- you could end up working at night

What you need to do in order to succeed on being nurse

  • You need to have a state medical license
  • You have to go through college
  • You have to be emotionally stable to get a job
  • You have to pay attention if you really want to become a nurse

Professional career

America college of physicians

190 N Independence Mall West

Philadelpha, PA. 19106-1572

215/351-2400 or 800-523-1546

American academy of pediatrics

141 Northwest point Blvd.

Elk Grove Village, IL, 60007-1098

847/434-4000 or 800/433-9016


-The salary around every is 87,300-166,400

-You Need a state license to do it

-You would work at a hospital

-Traning last a while

What you do

You would diagnose and treat a world wide disease and prescribe medicine to help anybody and make sure that they are in ok health.