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Lakeview Family Newsletter ~ Sept 9

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October Conferences

This is the time of year to sign up for October Family Conferences. This year, they are from 4-8 p.m. on October 12 and 13. This is our chance meet with you about your child and exchange ideas about how to best support each student. This means that we need to meet with every single family about every single student. Sign up on our Sign-up Genius right away so that our teachers and secretaries do not have to spend as much time contacting families. Conferences can be in-person or virtual. Please be sure you are signing up on the correct teacher's list - the first page that opens is Ms. Lund's 5K class. Scroll across the top for the other classes.

Air Conditioning Update

We are very excited that we may have air conditioning running at Lakeview by the middle of next week! Our contractors are in the very final stages. Next week, fences will be built around the new equipment outside Door 5 (2nd/3rd grade door) and Door 11 (1st grade door).

Did I mention that we are really excited about this???

Lakeview Clothing Spirit Wear

We are in the process of getting an online store ready for you to order Lakeview-themed clothing. Watch for it soon!

Be Safe! Be Respectful! Be Engaged!

We've had 17 Golden Lions already this year! Golden Lions are the way that adults at Lakeview honor the many ways that students demonstrate the "Be Safe ~ Be Respectful ~ Be Engaged" expectations. Here are the 17 reasons students were recognized in the first week (or so) of school:

• At Open House, John was quick to notice a student who is new to Lakeview. He introduced himself and offered to be a friend. John thank you for being so welcoming to others and showing the Lakeview Way!

• There was another student who received a computer bag without a strap. When Legend overheard her expressing concern because she didn't have a strap, he gave her the strap off of his computer bag. Thanks for being so giving to one of your classmates!

• Isai was a super helper in cleaning up on the 1st day

• Peyton was very engaged in the work I did with her on the first day of school! Way to go! Keep up the fantastic work!

• [Name] was getting frustrated with something on Lexia. Instead of letting his emotions get the best of him or quitting. This student took a moment to breathe and then respectfully asked for help. He calmly expressed how he was feeling and why he was feeling that way. We talked it out, came up with a strategy to figure out how to spell the word, and then with team work got it. I am so proud of the way you persevered and handled the situation. You sure are growing!

• Brett has been a role model of Respectful, Safe, and Engaged expectations. I noticed SO many times during the day when Brett was showing me that he was ready to learn and was listening. There are so many examples throughout the day where Brett was showing the 3 Lakeview Expectations; hallway, lunchroom, recess, bathroom, and classroom. We have been working together as a class to create our own expectations for group, independent,
transitions, and partners. Brett understands what the expectations are and shows them all day long. Brett you are AMAZING!! Thank you for helping me by doing the expectations even when no one is watching.

• Owen has been very caring and extremely helpful to our new student. He has been taking the time to help our new student be successful. He helps him get the correct supplies out when we need them and explains our procedures to him too. Above all else, Owen makes our new student feel accepted and cared about.

• Kamila has been very caring and extremely helpful to our new student. She has been taking the time to help our new student be successful. She helps him by checking to be sure he understands what we are doing. I'm sure our new student really appreciates Kamila's help....I know I do!

• Raymond has been including a kindergarten friend in the activities on the playground during recess, making sure the rules are followed and the activity is safely done (swings, slide...). Thank you Raymond! What a wonderful role model!

• When a kindergarten student needed to go to the restroom or nurse during recess, Liam volunteered to take them and stayed with them to assure they would return to the playground safely.

• Thanks, Johnny, for including, supporting and encouraging a new student during kick ball at recess time. The high five after the play gave the student the feeling of being accepted in the game. Way to go!

• Thanks, Jayden, for including, supporting and encouraging a new student during kick ball at recess time. The high five after the play gave the student the feeling of being accepted in the game. Way to go!

• I am so pleased with Hannah's focus and attention while directions are being given and during whole group discussions! She is setting a wonderful example for her classmates! Keep up the wonderful job Hannah!

• David took the time to help a fellow classmate with his math. He made sure that the classmate understood what to do and even checked his work after he was done. Keep it up, David!

• Violet is doing a wonderful job engaging in discussions, listening to/following directions, and setting a great example for her classmates! Keep up the great job Violet!

• Aiden was waiting patiently to get on a swing and a girl cut in front of him and took the swing. Aiden respectfully just said the girl's name in disappointment (he didn't get mad). Then Cameron generously gave up his swing for Aiden. Great job boys! Way to show respect!

Annual Notices

Each year, Lakeview Elementary and the School District of South Milwaukee is happy to provide you with an extensive list of annual notices, explaining the role of the district and the rights of families. Please click here for the document containing all of the annual notices.

Hoping to Volunteer This Year?

Anyone who volunteers with students in the School District of South Milwaukee must complete a background check. Click this link to complete the process. It is easy to do and it last for two years. Since we have not had many volunteers in the last two years, most people's background checks have expired. It is a great idea to do now, just in case you might volunteer at some point in the next two years.