Satchel Paige

By: Charles Green

Birth, Death, and Family

Satchel "Leroy" Paige was born on July 7, 1906 in Alabama. He was the 7th of 12 children born to John and Lula Coleman. Paige married 3 wife's, Janet Howard, Lucy Luz, and Lahoma Brown. Satchel Paige died on June 8th at the age of 75 because of a heart attack.

Early Life

Satchel Paige skipped school to play baseball and fish. He collected bottles for resale, delivered ice, and was a baggage porter (which is how he got his nickname, "Satchel"). He lived in poverty.

Most rembered for

Satchel was a pitcher in the Negro Leagues for several different teams. Satchel helped end segregation. He was in the Negro Leagues Hall of Fame.

Other information

Paige was the first African American who played in the world series. Satchel played in many different teams in search of a bigger pay check. Paige gave his pitches names like whipsy-dipsy-do ball.