Wildcat Weekly April 11th-15th

It's beginning to FEEL like Spring

Thank yous, Acknowledgements, and Applause

  1. Thanks to Ryan, Shelly, Jennifer, and Holly for coming in over the break and cleaning out the resource room and the Think Tank.
  2. Happy Belated Birthday to Michele Walker and Lisa! Michele's was Thursday and Lisa's was Saturday. Dirk will celebrate his birthday on Monday.
  3. Thanks to everyone who participated in our Super Hero Run on Saturday. We had a bunch of kids there along with Taylor, Jennifer, Amanda, Tiffany, Lynae, Johnnie, Shelly, and Cynthia. It was nice to see our team with their family members.
  4. Just want to celebrate again for those who missed the news that the 3rd grade students were in 100% attendance for their last exam.
  5. I say some fantastic outcomes from your planning sessions with Chris and Ryan. Bravo, bravo!

Housekeeping Items

Busy week for us!

  1. National Assistant Principal's Week: April 11th-15th and we are happy for all that Kevin Daly does so we'll be celebrating with cake in the lounge on Friday.
  2. Hallway groupings: Decide if you are to be mixed or at grade level. Bring that info with you on Wednesday.
  3. Keep, Start, and Stop: You have private reasoning time (PRT) and then need to bring your thoughts with you to our Wed. PD segment.
  4. Testing this Week: Monday through Wednesday of this week.
  5. SLO and SOO: Have your goal reflections done prior to April 23rd, 2016. Upload them to RANDA and I will be able to calculate your final ranking under the tab for MSLO on your final evaluation rubric.
  6. Quarter Supporter: Interested in participating in something similar to Secret Santa? Each Monday, you put an uplifting treat in someone's mailbox--could be a baked good, candy bar, uplifting note--to help carry them through the end of the school year. Keep the budget to less than $3 a week. If interested in participating, the Google Form is below.
  7. Book Fair: It is this week! Set up is in the library.
  8. Sunshine Walk: It will be on April 23rd. Sign up on the same Google Form as the Quarter Supporter.

Weekly Calendar

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Weekly Inspiration--Words cannot express how much this commercial warms my heart!

Android: Rock, Paper, Scissors