Thursday, September 18, 2014

Fix for Knowledge Junkies

The slogan of Mental Floss, is “Where Knowledge Junkies Get Their Fix!” If trivia is your thing, or you need something to fill in the last few minutes of a class period, check out this site's videos! There are a variety of topics, such as 42 idiom origins, 48 Names for Things you didn’t know had Names, 45 Odd Facts about the Presidents, 35 Jobs that No Longer Exist, just to name a few. Click here.

Fun Educational Apps

At Fun Educational Apps you will find apps for kids for fun learning as well as daily free apps and giveaways!
This site reviews apps for math, spelling, language arts, science, social studies, languages, early learning, storybooks, games
Let's Draw Simple!- Teaches Children the Basics of Drawing
Match it! - For Preschool - Cool Memory Matching Game App
A to Z The Artist in Me for Kids to Learn the ABC with Arts!
Math Match - Game App to Practice Basic Math Skills
Yahoo News Digest - Cool News App to Stay Up to Date!
Splitting Numbers - Great Math App to Master Number Bonds
Alphabetical Order - Cool App to Learn the ABC!
Preschool Megagame - A huge app for early learning
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Click here.

Treasure Trove of Public Domain Books and Films

When a creative work falls out of copyright – from classics works of art to absentminded doodles – they enter the public domain (AKA free!)
The site is divided into two parts:
The Collections – a curated collections of images, books, audio and film.
The Essays – Bi-weekly essays in which experts offer insight and reflection upon the often overlooked histories which surround public domain works. Click here.

More Apps for the Common Core

Common Core Quest is a free iPad and iPhone app. Students are given access to hundreds of practice quizzes aligned to Common Core standards in math and language arts. Before and after taking a quiz, students can watch short video lessons that address the skills needed to master the standards contained in the quizzes. I tried it out, and I had NO idea of how to do the math problem, so I am assuming that this is not only for younger students, but also those with an above fifth grade math aptitude...Click here.

30 Ways to Promote Creativity in Your Classroom

Here is a nice little list by by Miriam Clifford of things teachers can do to increase creative thinking in students.
Click here.