Anotia / Microtia

Shadiana Haney


Anotia is a genetic syndrome that affects the baby during fetal development of the ears. The baby can be born with only one ear or no ears at all. The cause of this syndrome is unknown, however it is known that it is passed genetically from parents to offspring..

Symptoms/ Characteristics:

Babies are born with one ear with selective hearing, or no ears at all.
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It is possible to have reconstructive surgery to replace the ear. Although this is the primary treatment, the best out come is when the surgery is performed on a younger patient.
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Life expectancy:

Anotia is not a life threatening syndrome, however it may be just another symptom of a serious disease. Depending on what disease the baby has is how long they are expected to live. If the baby just has anotia then they are most likely going to live a whole life.

Important Facts:

-Microtia is a condition in which the outer, visible part of the ear, is underdeveloped or malformed. Appearance can be from undersized, but otherwise normal ear, to an ear with severe structural abnormalities.

- Babies can be missing the whole inner ear canal entirely

-Parents who wish to avoid having surgery preformed on their children may go for use of prosthetic ears, attached to the patient’s head by either glue or titanium pins. Prosthetic ears may also be surgically attached to the head.

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