Hip Hip Hooray!

Mrs. Hensler's First Grade

January 18th - 22nd


Thursday - 101st Day!! - Reminder - students should wear black and white, like a Dalmatian and bring 101 items in their "doggie bag."


Monday - Reading - Book Baggy

Tuesday - Reading / Math Practice

Wednesday - Read Let's Go to the Moon!

Thursday - Reading / Math Practice

**Sound Say 16 - Due Friday!


Journeys Text of the Week: Let's Go to the Moon! (Informational Text)

Skill - Main Idea and Details

Phonics - Long o and Long u

Grammar - Questions

Words to Know - around / before / because / bring / carry / light / show / think

Spelling - Long o: so / hole / joke / bone / poke / chose / home / rope / stove / wrote *Bonus Words* snowflake / cocoa


Chapter #15 - Time to the Hour and Half Hour

TEST on Friday!

*Hensler's Hints*

- Practice telling time to the hour and half hour on both a digital and an analog clock.

-Make a list of questions you would ask an astronaut.

- Recall the main idea of stories read at home.

- Find sight words in magazines or newspapers. Cut the words out and glue to a piece of paper. See how many you can find and bring in to share with the class.