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Nyay Reh or Kyow lawi

Hey! My name is Nyay Reh, nick name is Kyow Lawi. I am nineteen years old, but i am not sure about my age. Because my parent don't know how to read and write back then. I was born in Karenni state which is one of the smallest state in Burmese country. My family didn't lived in city, we lived in village and we were farmer.

My family was seprated since 1996 when civil war began in Burmese country and we suffered for about a year. My family face many problem such as shelter, because our home was burned by the Burmese armies. The reason why my family was separated because both of my grandfathers was there, they can't travel so far anymore so my dad take care of both my grandfather and took them to the town name Shadaw where my aunt live. On other hand, my mom took me and my sister to Thailand which every family moved to. We are kind of lucky to go there for having helped by Thai Government but there is a problem still, it was no men in our family who going to build a house for us to live. Day after day, year after year, our life got better. I started school when i was four. I like to thanks the organization such as IRC, JRS, BBC, and UNHCR for helped us for free Education, healthcare, food to service and I spent my life in a refugee camp for sixteen year, Then i move to USA in July, 27, 2010. As a result, I make a decision to plan for something that can helps other who need help when I grown up. I will try my best to help people who face the same problem as me to see a better life and help them to be the one that could help other in need...

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Timeline of Nyay reh.......

1994 : Born in karenni State

1996: Ran away from village to Thailand Refugee camp/ Family separated

1999: Start pre-KG, languages learned( Karenni, Burmese, English, and Thai)

2001: Grandfather of him is dead

2004: finished Elementry school

2005: attend middle school, face alot bully, fighting

2008: finished Middle School

2009-10: attend High School but didn't finished

2010: moved to USA

life of Nyay Reh when childhood age...

Karenni song - My native land by Lisa HDMG (shee pa ro - 2008)