Stronger by the Week

March 6, 2015

You think we're STRONG now?

You think we’re STRONG now

Think before you Send!

Ask yourself if the topic being discussed is something you'd write on company letterhead or post on a bulletin board for all to see before clicking "send."~Judith Kallos

Supporting Strength: Office/Admin

This week:

  • Ordered lobby magazines (Midland)
  • Working on lobby area
  • Learning to tweak end of month payroll process with overtime
  • Continuing with collections
  • ACQuIRE assessment
  • Sarah work on cleaning up processes
  • Working on Billing, Markup and Equipment Rates for Accounting
Looking Ahead:

  • AP/AR rounding out entering receipts/statements
  • Creating Fixed Assets Template
  • Working on PDF revamp
  • Donna out in Midland to focus on termination and job number request processes
  • Process terminations, insurance prep, open enrollment tasks
  • Lobby table hoping to be completed next Friday!
  • Find a lobby sign for visitors to recognize and sign in

Strong People

Onboarding: 0

Offer Letters: 4

Interviews: 9

Separations/Terminations: 3

Looking Ahead:

  • 4 New Hires Onboarding in Marble Falls (for Central & South TX)
  • Kathryn recruiting for mechanics, journeyman electricians, chaplain

Strength in Safety

Safety Tip of the Week: 5 "Always of Ladder Safety"

· Always use a ladder only on a stable and level surface, unless it has been secured (top or bottom) to prevent displacement

· Always make sure you have fully opened a step ladder before getting on it

· Always maintain a 3-point (two hands and a foot, or two feet and a hand) contact on the ladder when climbing.

· Always Keep your body near the middle of the step and always face the ladder while climbing.

· Always keep Ladders free of any slippery material on the rungs, steps or feet.

This week

~Foreman/General Foreman Training class being developed

~We had two accidents this week. (3/3/15 & 3/4/15) -Both involved the same ramp on the same trailer. Two different employees fell because the ramp was wet and muddy.Fencing has been installed on both trailer ramp floors.

~One of the 12 foot trailers has been designated and stocked with safety supplies for the: Rapid Response Storm Team "Fast as Lightning"

"I would like to thank all employees listed above for following the process in these matters. This is why it is so important that we ALL follow process. Had we not followed process in these matters they could have easily turned into recordable accidents which would hurt us all in the long run. If our company has recordable injury’s our clients will not allow us to perform work for them.

Our employees are our most valuable asset and we need to take care of them, but at the same time we need to protect our company or we will not have any employees to take care of." ~Brian Lee

Operations & Business Development

This Week
  • GF/Foreman Meeting scheduled for March 16th
  • Redefined priority processes and how to roll out
  • Worked on Cozby Shop (Marble Falkls)
  • Multiple bids for Central/South TX region
  • Marcus re-worked service schedule
  • Scott Leon helping in PB with tasks & attaining more manpower
  • Started discussion on multi-level training for GF/Foreman Training
  • Started using Sage for Cost Reporting & Project Management
  • Rolled out new business development goals, reaching 50 leads/week
  • Linked-in contacts

Looking Ahead
  • Digital kilowatt/hour meter for all of Cimarex starts next week
  • Shane working in the field
  • Boyd continuing with estimating
  • Safety training with Brian Lee
  • Bobby has 3 appointments in South Texas on 03/17/2015 with 3 potential clients
  • Another win company profile brochures will be rolling out by next Friday
  • Recover work with existing clients

Fixed Assets Department


  • Shop coming along nicely, electrical (some parts already has electricity)
  • Knuckle boom truck getting worked on
  • Outside lights finally done (1/2 yard has lights)
  • Looking ahead: clean up outside and clean up scrap wire
  • Ofy’s last day today

  • Yard organization completed Monday with help from Matthew, Casey, Jesse, Scott and Toney (Cliff's happy!)
  • Making headway and continuing work with Home Depot account and AP Department on account optimization- stream line
  • Utilizing tool stock and trailer stock to prepare for future storm work
  • Tool purchases: Central South- Threader Table $650 Marble Falls warehouse shelf $180


  • Cleaned out 5 trucks this week with the help of Bryce, Zenas and Jesse (4 service bodies and 1 PWL Foreman)
  • Training on Sage in Pflugerville, TX AWESOME

    Next week returning unused equipment trailers saving company money.


  • Business as usual


  • Added 2 new projects to Google Earth and Project Directions. (Three Rivers Oil Terminal I&E and Ranger 33-1 E-Line)
  • Worked with Geofence to confirm hours worked. Found a report that Fleetmatics generates for vehicles entering the sites.
  • Discovered missing directions were older projects, will address in future

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Company-wide Info

Strong Points/Wins

  • K&N Learning Session
  • Website Update team kickoff next week
  • 1st Billing in Sage!!
  • Approval of RO Writer
  • Shane & Boyd's support out in the field
  • Sage Equipment implementation
  • AP re-organization of process beneficial
  • Programming Tech beginning next week in South TX
  • Recognize three guys for following process in accident and preventing it from becoming a recordable
  • Arc Flash meeting with Pioneer
  • New Corporate office construction set to finish around early September 2015!

Areas of Improvement

  • Timely submittal of credit card receipts
  • New Job # request process
  • Termination/Separation process & checklist
  • Order of Hiring process steps

Action Items

  • Decrease number of meetings (Laurie-ongoing)
  • Setting up signature for Tony (Sarah 3/10/15)

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Strong Facts

To be the most client-focused Electrical Construction Company in America through professional management.


To be the preferred Electrical Construction Company based on client satisfaction.