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Service Sunday!

This Sunday is the culmination of our September theme of Covenant in our religious education classes. We have asked "how will we be together?" and explored Covenant as promises that families could make to each other and that classes, groups, and communities make to each other. We've talked a bit about the difference between rules and promises, and practiced listening to each other.

Now we will put our learning into Action. This Sunday we will have opportunities for keeping our promises and caring for our OUUC community, with a variety of options for different ages, abilities, and weather conditions available. Parents are invited to attend with their children and help out too, if they wish, or children can attend without their parents.

At 9:15 there will be one Spirit Play class for preschool-5th grade children. They will have a lesson about our 7 Promises (the 7 Principles), and some optional service projects for their work time.

At 11:00 there will be a Spirit Play class for PreK, with the same lesson as the 9:15 class, and the Labyrinth Learning class (1st-5th grade) will explore what service means and connect the story of John Murray and Thomas Potter to the idea of service and how we build community and faithfully keep our promises. Both classes will have service project options following their stories.

There will be no youth groups meeting this week. Middle School youth are away at the Puget Sound UU Conference.

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Sunday and Every Day: Taking It Home

Classes on September 23rd focused on the idea of Covenant, or of the promises that we make to each other as part of building our community. Children made covenants in class, and explored the difference between Rules and Promises.

Discuss at home:

  • What rules do we have? Why do we have those rules?
  • What promises do we make to each other? Why have we made those promises?
  • What is the difference between a rule and a promise? What happens when each is broken? How do we make amends when one is broken?
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Looking Ahead, Sunday October 7th

On Sunday October 7th we will introduce a new theme of the month, Prophetic People, in our second Family Chapel.

Chapel starts right at 11:00, so don't start in the sanctuary this week.

9:15 - Spirit Play for Pre-5th grade, Starts right at 9:15 in the Spirit Play classroom.

11:00 - Family Chapel, for preschool-5th grade and their parents, starts right at 11:00 in Classroom 4.

11:00 - Middle School Group, intro to Neighboring Faiths lesson

12:30 - High School group creating signs in support of Gun Sense Laws (1639)

Yours in Faith,

Sara Lewis, credentialed religious educator, master level

Director of Lifespan Religious Education

Summer Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 10-1pm. Available by appointment Tuesday-Sunday. Monday is my sabbath day, and I will not answer phone or email as I engage this spiritual discipline of pausing. or

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