Overview of Holocaust

The Holocaust was the state-sponsored killing of Jews and other people during the World War II which lasted between 1939 and 1945. Adolf Hitler wanted to get rid of all Jews in the world. Hitler killed many and they say that he killed over 6 million people were killed which included men , women , and even children. Nazis killed people and sometimes they sent them to concentration camps to be killed in gas chambers.

Definition/Backround Information

During the Holocaust the Gestapo worked closely with the military. Gestapo would often round up people who were considered disloyal and undesirable and killed them or punish them like they would Jews , like sending them to concentration camps. The Gestapo is known well for its brutality , they trained their agents with a large variety of torture. At the very most , the Gestapo had at most 45,000 agents and informers.

Original Research Question

Who was Heinrich Himmler?

Heinrich Himmler was a close follower of Hitler and became head of the group in 1934. In 1939 Himmler brought all of Gestapo and Germany's political and police forces and its concentration camps under good control.


"...the Gestapo was in charge..."



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