The Mennies Weekly

Lights, Camera, Action...You're a Star at Mennies

Weeks of November 16th

Monday, November 16th

  • Day 2
  • Guidance Dept. Turkey Feather Fundraiser this week
  • Gifts for Giving Thankful Gram Sale this week

Tuesday, November 17th

  • Day 3
  • Parent/Guardian Open House for American Education Week 9:30-2:30
  • Accounting Items due to BOE for Dec. Meeting

Wednesday, November 18th

  • Day 4
  • PTO Author Night. 6:30 pm in Media Center
  • Grandparent's Day in K
  • BOE Meeting

Thursday, November 19th

  • Day 5
  • Pretzel Sale during Lunches
  • Personnel Items due for Dec. BOE Meeting

Friday, November 20th

  • Day 1
  • Mennies Spirit Day! Students may wear Mennies shirts with appropriate uniform bottoms.
  • Grub for Giving! 11:30-2:00. Lunch served in Teacher Meeting Room.
  • Free Jeans for those who are participating in Grub for Giving!
  • Cherrydale DJ Party. 2:00-2:35 Grades K,1,2; 2:35-3:20 Grades 3,4,5 in APR

News You Can Use!

Please send home a classroom schedule on Monday for American Education Week Open House on Tuesday. Open House is 9:30-2:30.

Thank you to those staff members who attended Monday's PTO Meeting...Karen Kreck, Alexis Cartagena, Kathy Trovarelli, Karen Morvay, Anita Bertonazzi, Erin Gardner, Dan Ardito, Danielle Burns and Elena Greenwood.

And thanks to Chris Hannah and Nicole Sapello for another outstanding Veteran's Day performance...we received much positive feedback about the program. Thanks to those staff members who turned out to help...Jess Fagotti, Lauren Valentine, Carol Pennington, Lauren Geisser, Karen Kreck, Darlene Castellini...sorry if I missed anyone:)

We wanted to let our staff know...Thanks for all that you do! We had a conversation with Professor Gary Dentino from Rowan, who teaches the class for our Practicum students. He was so impressed with the quality teaching at Mennies, and he was very moved by the positive interactions he witnessed between teachers and students. He could not say enough positive things about our classrooms.

Mark your Calendar! Staff Ugly Sweater Breakfast returns on December 23rd...better get your Ugly Sweater ideas now:)

Words of Wisdom

Honor to the soldier and sailor everywhere, who bravely bears his country's cause. Honor, also, to the citizen who cares for his brother in the field.
~ Abraham Lincoln

With something to think about . . .Let us be grateful to every man and woman who bravely dons a military uniform, leaves home and family, and then risks his or her life and health to protect our own. To those who sacrifice their safety for ours and endure danger and discomfort so that we may live our comfortable lives, we are truly grateful. And how do we put that gratitude into action? We teach our youngest citizens to honor our brothers and sisters in the armed forces, to care for those who care for us, and to never take for granted the sacrifices they have made.

Remember to take care of yourself.

Veterans Day is a good reminder to us to tally up all the daily events we enjoy, thanks to our freedom, and to express gratitude to those who protect it.


Happy Birthday!

November 10th~Gigi Prato. Happy Belated Birthday!

November 17th~Vivian Venditi

November 18th~Nicole Sapello

November 21st~Tanya Bruce

Mark Your Calendar


23,24,25 2:05 Dismissal

23-Parent Conferences 2:30-4:00

24-Parent Conferences 6:00-7:40

25-Jeans Day to benefit South Jersey Cancer Society

26,27-School Closed


1-K trip to Spring Oaks 10:30

2-BOE work session meeting

2-Rotary Club Holiday Party in APR 9:30-11:20 (self-contained spec. ed students in district only)

2-K trip to Spring Oaks 10:30

3-K trip to Spring Oaks 10:30

3-Pretzel Sale during lunches

3-Fall Make Up Photos

4-Free Jeans for Gifts for Giving Volunteers

5-Gifts for Giving 10-2 pm

7-Faculty Meeting

8-CLI Grade Level Meetings K-3

9-Regular BOE Meeting

10-K Pretzel Sale

11-Breakfast with Santa Gr. K,1,2

16-Holiday Concert Gr. K,1

17-Holiday Concert Gr. 2,3

18-Holiday Concert Gr. 4,5