Sea Lions

By: Kadence Balder

Classification of the sea lion.

The world fund condensers sea lions are endangered species.This classification indicates that a species of animals has a high risk of total extinction of the world.Conversations efforts connected with endangered animals mostly focused on protecting nature habitats and limiting human insurances.

A sea lions inviorment

The California sea lions is a castle earned seal native to western North America.Their is 5 species of relations. The sea lion's habitats are from South Alaska to Central Mexico. It also includes the Gulf of California.


4 to 6 year old have up to a single pup each year.Moms stay with their pups for a couple days and during those couple days the mom is teaching their pups how to survive on their one.The moms also known as bulls nerce their yong on land.The moms have a strong bond with their yong .Pups have a dark brown to black coat until 4 to 6 months old , when they mold into a lighter brown. By the last day of their second year they are the same color at the adults. The femail usually reproduce 2 weeks after giving birth. mails usually live to be 20 years old and femails usually live to 30 years old.

peodotor, Prey, and diet

Sea Lions are both pretator and prey. Useually animals bigger than them eat them like sharks , wales and a lot more.They prey on varietal of fish like,capelin,cod,herring,mackerd,Pollock,rock fish,salmon,sand lance,etc. And also they eat blvalues,squid,octopus,and gastropods.


The sea lions are not endangered yet but they are on the verged of being endangered.

how to help

What we can do help is to monitor and put tags like the scientists do to hurt animals. Or we can put the new born and a cupple of adults to a sea lion sanctuary. Or we can send scientist over to the arctic where they are to help them. The impact is that the cute and adorable animals wont be here if we don't help. The bad think if they go extinct then the fish that they eat might get over populated.