Life of Dutch Schultz

August 6, 1902 - October 24, 1935

MUG Shot of seventeen-year-old Dutch

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Young Criminal

Born Arthur Flegenheimer, Dutch and his Jewish family of immigrants moved from Germany to the Bronx of New York City. After his father ran out on his family during his early teen years, Dutch decided to ditch school and take up crime as a living. At seventeen, he was arrested for burglary and he earned seventeen months in prison. Once released, he returned to his gang and crime, earning him the nickname "Dutch Schultz" after a local thug who was notably violent and cruel. He would soon live up to that name.

Organized Criminal and Conflict

Dutch began his legitimate crime business when he bought an illegal saloon with his pal Joey Noe. The began bootlegging and selling beer to other saloons whether they wanted it or not. In one instance Dutch's guys kidnapped and tortured a man for not buying his booze. This business of his eventually needed to grow so he set his sights on Manhattan.

Once he began setting up operations in Manhattan, a rival gangster, Jack "Legs" Diamond felt threatened by the expansion and decided to take action. Some small skirmishes broke out, but then, Noe was shot and killed by one of Legs' goons. Dutch responded accordingly by having one of Legs' guys killed, and eventually in 1931, Legs himself was killed.

Legs Diamond was the only enemy of Dutch however. Vincent Coll, once an associate of Schultz, started a conflict with him. Many gangsters on both sides were killed, but Dutch came out on top when Coll was murdered in February of 1932. With competition at a minimal, Dutch began to expand his enterprises by adding gambling and operating slot machines. His empire seemed quite substantial even though it wasn't one of the five Italian mob families.

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Criminal End

With Dutch growing more and more notorious throughout the crime world, it was only a matter of time before the law noticed. New York prosecutor Thomas E. Dewey was determined to bring down Dutch and his organization. Before Dewey's involvement, however, Dutch was indicted on a tax charge in 1933 and tried twice for tax evasion. Dutch blamed Dewey for his legal problems and tried to have him killed.

Dutch's associates didn't like this idea, however, and they hired some goons from the hit squad, "Murder, Inc." to get rid of him. On October 23, 1935, Dutch and three of his closest men were shot in the Palace Chophouse by two gunmen. Dutch survived the the initial assault, but died the next day of infection from rust-coated bullets.

Dutch Schultz (Deceased) in a Morgue

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