Elkton Elementary School Memo

August 17, 2020

Dear EES Students and Families,

I hope this memo finds you and your family doing well considering all the issues this pandemic has brought to you. Teachers and staff returned to the school building this week. They will be busy these next few weeks preparing to provide your child great learning opportunites. Teachers will participate in a variety of professional development sessions that support digital instruction. Sessions include Zoom, SeeSAw, Nearpod, Book Creator, and Breakout EDU. This will allow teachers to deliver engaging and exciting lessons for your child.

The health and safety of all is our top priority. Teachers will be trained in safety protocalls given from the RCPS Steering Committee. The RCPS Heath and Safety Plan will be coming out later this week. Look for it in a school message from RCPS.

For students returning to school, we are requesting the parent do a health check the evening before school or that morning. The link below is an example of the things we would like you to check for. This form does not have to be brought to school. Reuse it each day at home.


I want to clarify the difference between the Home Learning Academy vs- Blended Model for grades 2-5. This chart explains the difference.

Home Learning Academy

  • Provides a certified teacher not necessarily from your child’s school

  • This model is designed for students who do not plan to attend school physically (At least for the first nine weeks.)

Blended Model

  • Provides a certified teacher from your child’s school (This may or may not be the teacher that your child has upon return to the school building.

  • This model is designed for students who plan to transition back to school physically.

  • Students PreK - 1 can attend school physically four days a week.

  • Students in grades 2 - 5 will start school virtually for the first nine weeks and transition back to school physically when schools reopen.

Class lists are still being worked on. Due to to daily changes and trying to balance the number of students per class, more time is needed to finalize these lists. Some grade levels may be assigned to several teachers to begin the year. I appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Kind regards,

Barbara Palmer

Barbara Palmer, Principal

2020-2021 School Supply List


This is thesupply list for students returning to the school building.

Bus Transportation Form

If you chose bus transportation, the bus will pick up/drop off your child at your home address unless you complete this form for alternate pick-up/drop off. Due to the limited space on the bus and the importance of having consistency, your child must be picked up and dropped off at the same locations for all the days that they are coming to school. Only complete this form if you are using an alternate address. Complete ASAP and drop off at the school office as soon as possible.


Bus Transportation/Changes

Due to limited seating on buses this year (social distancing), we will not be able to take requests for students to go from being picked up to riding the bus. Also we are not able to have a student take friends home on the bus. There are strict seating arrangements to comply with proper distancing of students.

New Staff to EES

Clear Water Bottles

Water fountains will be open in the school. However, to eliminate the usage, we are inviting students to have a clear water bottle with them.This bottle can be refilled and left at school each day. Make sure your child's name is on the bottle.

Immunizations/ Physicals Update

For our young students (Pre-K/Kindergarten) entering the building... All immunizations must be up to date before starting school on September 10, 2020. Please see Nurse Sandy if you have any questions.

Any new student (PreK- 5), that is new to RCPS must have an updated physical on file.

Device Deployment

Students in Grades 2-5 and any K/1 student doing Blended Learning or HLA, will be given a device to borrow. Grades k-3 will be issued an iPad and grades 4- 5 will be issued a chrome book. K/1 students attending 4 days a week will not be issued a device.

Deployment of devices will be on Sept. 8/9. Details on this will come out later.

Parents requesting a HotSpot will recieve this as well.

The device release form is below, if you want to print it out, read, and sign before Sept. 8/9th.


Meal Distribution

Meals will be distributed for students Monday and Thursdays 3:00-5:30 in the EES Alley by the loading dock. This will begin Sept. 10th. The link below takes you to a form that you would need to complete so that we have an idea of how many meals to prepare. This form will also be mailed with the Free/Reduced Meal booklett. These forms can be returned to school at anytime by dropping them off or bringing Sept. 8/9 when devices are deployed.