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Apps that Encourage Good Dental Hygiene

There are dozens of apps that track your overall health, so why not use apps for your oral health as well? Both Android and the iPhone have a wealth of mobile apps geared toward dental hygiene. These apps may help you answer questions concerning your teeth, outline various dental procedures, or even time how long you’re brushing your teeth so that you may get the most out of your brushing ritual. Dental apps help keep you on track where it concerns your pearly whites.

1. My Dentist

My Dentist, an app by Dental Anywhere, helps patients keep in close touch with their dentist, accessing their office, treatment and services all from the convenient touch of their phone. Patients can look up their dentist and download an application for their next visit. The simple interface makes it easy to keep in touch with your doctor without the hassle of phoning or emailing them. From the app, you may easily check on the offices hours and schedule an appointment, refer your dentist to a friend, or even look up specific medical emergencies. When you book appointments from within the app, they will sync up with your calendar on your mobile device as well as your computer.

2. Dental Expert

The Dental Expert app by Cosmetic Innovations, Inc. is an expansive resource for all things related to dental education and care. The comprehensive guide portion of the app answers questions as to how to keep your teeth healthy, how to address dental emergencies, how to alleviate anxiety at the dentist’s office, how to choose a good dentist, and more. It explains how to effectively care for your child’s teeth, the causes and treatments of gum disease, and even information on how to address dental care during pregnancy. There are pages upon pages of information with questions answered by experts in dentistry. You can access a gallery of before and after photos of various patients to see just how far modern dentistry has taken us to achieve cleaner, healthier teeth.

3. The Beambrush App

The Beambrush is the first Bluetooth-equipped toothbrush that monitors how well and long you brush through a mobile app. After brushing or while brushing, sync the brush with your phone to see statistics on your brushing habits. The app will also keep your data for extended periods of time, so you can track your brushing for several months and show your activity to your dentist. The creators of the app hope to have updates down the road that will detect what areas of the mouth are being brushed and for how long. They also aim to have the app play music while you brush as well as social-media based rewards for executing good oral health, which could be useful in getting children to brush their teeth correctly.

4. Dental Care Aid

The Dental Care Aid app by DigibunnyTech is an instruction manual of sorts which shows you how to use various dental care products. The app walks you through the proper way to use manual toothbrushes, electric toothbrushes, super brushes, dental floss, dental floss holders, single tuft toothbrushes, interdental brushes, super floss, and a dental floss threader. The instructions are implemented via 38 3D videos, which guide you through the processes. Some instructions are intended for specific groups of teeth, and the app provides necessary visuals to help you understand the accurate way to utilize these products. Your dentist will be impressed at your perfect technique and you’ll be on your way to an enviable smile in no time.

5. Whiten Your Teeth

The Whiten Your Teeth app by LifeMobile is a breakthrough in app technology, or so they say. The app is made for Android and is supposed to actually whiten your teeth if used as intended. According to the app’s makers, every electronic device emits electromagnetic signals which function identically to the teeth whitening rays used in dental offices. In the dental office, a whitening agent is applied to the teeth and then struck with rays for a few seconds to bleach the teeth. Your app is also able to whiten your teeth, but without having to apply a coating of whitening agent. Simply wait for the app to bring up the white light, hold it to your teeth, and wait ten seconds for the whitening to occur. The process is gradual, but should start to make a visible difference within one month.

6. ToothNotes

Beepscore LLC’s ToothNotes app helps you take note of what’s going on with your teeth, so you can remember to relay the information to your dentist on your bi-annual visit. The app displays a 3D view of a full set of teeth and gums so that you may highlight the offending tooth or gum area in question for future reference. Select the tooth or gum by tapping it, which will prompt the app to tell you its name. You may also use this feature to help learn the names of the different teeth and gums. After selecting it, you may enter notes and will be prompted to identify how much pain it is causing, the type of pain, cause of pain, and any dental work that must be done as a result. When you input the dental work that has to be done, you may choose from a list of cosmetic and repair procedures.

7. Kids’ Dental Health

The Kids’ Dental Health app by Alexandr Stacanov is an app made to educate children on oral hygiene. Children may resist learning about teeth or visiting the dentist until they play this app, which educates them with games, fun visuals, and wacky sounds. Your child can choose from various characters, each with their own story arch, and navigate the character through games that address dental health issues like brushing your teeth and eating the right foods for tooth care. Your child can choose whether to read the app themselves or turn on the “read to me” feature, which is narrated by a teenage voice actor. Children will grasp healthy dental habits by using the app, and it’s only $1.99 with continuous updates and new games.

8. Flossy

Flossy, by Slybits, helps you to remember whether or not you’ve flossed each day. Remembering to floss is probably the most difficult part of oral hygiene, and dentists hate to constantly remind their patients not to neglect their gums. With Flossy, you simply press a button which says, “I Flossed Today!” each time you floss. Your flossing history will be recorded so you can see just how often you forget or remember to floss, helping to make it a daily habit. You can also implement alarms and notifications that will alert you of when it’s time to floss or whether you’ve missed a certain amount of days. It’s an incredibly simple app, but being able to see visually how little or much you floss can be a huge motivator for integrating it into your morning and evening tooth care ritual.

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