The Old Man and the sea

By Ernest Hemingway

Character Analysis

The old man: the old man or Santiago, was the main character of this book. His struggles in life comply with the struggles of catching his huge fish, or any fish. Santiago was wise. His long years as a fisher man taught him many great things. He has also taught a younger boy how to fish. I feel as if the Old man is the protagonist. I feel this because he faced many challenges one was that he hadn't caught a fish for over 20 days in a row. Another was that when he was fighting his big marlin he went days upon days trying to catch it.


I feel as if the theme of this book was honor and defeat. I feel this way because the old man came back home with his big fish and everyone was in awe, but defeat because the sharks had eaten his huge prize fish on the journey back home.


This was a great book but i do not recommend this book. From page 11 to about 95 the same thing was happening. although this book was well written i do not recommend it to anyone.