north vs. south civil war

the bloodiest war that America ever saw.


today we are talking about the war that brought the bloodiest battles that America ever saw.
we are looking at the avenges, dis avenges, causes, and outcome of the civil war


there are many factors that led to the civil war but we don't have forever to go into detail about this so here is a list.
1. slavery*
2. cultural differences*
3. Abraham Lincolns election win
4. southern economy*
5.Northern manufacturing
6. union fears
7. Souths succession*
(* means it's a major cause)


adv & disv

moar factories
more supply s
more respect
population numb3rs
north disadvantages
poor aim
less fighting spirit
better marksmen
fighting cause
south disadvantages
less numbers
less factories
can't trade
lack of supply
less respected
bad president


the union won. so all confederate solders had there vetoing rights revoked. later African Americans gained civil rights. unfourantely Lincoln was shot after the war. and hate groups exist to this day.