Award Winning Photos


This photo was taken by Dina Litovsky in Bryant Park Hotel in New York in 2012. In the photo three people look at a photo they just took as one girl sits alone. It won the NPPA Best of Photojournalism in 2012. This photo is important, because it shows how connected our world is becoming.
This photo was taken in the Unites States in 2013 by Ilona Szwarc. In the photo a little girl is posing with her beloved American Girl doll. It won the World Press Photo third place in the People - Observed Portraits Single category. This photo is important, because it shows the relationship between the girl and the doll you can tell she loves so much.
This photo was taken in Florence, Italy in October and November in 2013 by Ayan Maxutova.In this photo was embracing a pillow on her bed. It won the Teenage Intimacy Fashion/ Art Photography Award. This photo is important because, it shows a special part of this girls life.