My Philosophy & Ethics in Education

by Andrew Tyler

What is the role of Education?

When considering the purpose of education, one must think about what is the desired outcome of an education. Yes, as educators, we could say that the purpose of education is to prepare students to join society and be able to contribute to the whole. How is this achieved and what goals as educators should we set for the school to strive to provide? Technology is allowing our students access to information from almost anywhere on earth, about almost anything.

Classrooms that implement Web 2.0 tools like Edublogs andSkype in the Classroom will be able to provide their students with exposure to other cultures.

Who/How Should We Educate?

A school’s philosophy of education should be one that focuses on providing all students the best opportunity to succeed and also teach students how to achieve things on their own.

When it comes to the question of who should be educated, I think the simple answer is, everyone. This question for me brings up a less simple question, however, and that is how do we educate everyone? The ideal would be for education to be effective across the board, but there are so many different types of learners, it is unrealistic to assume that teaching students with one form of teaching is the most effective approach.

Flipped classrooms and implementing Universal Design for Learners guidelines can provide students with confidence and enthusiasm about learning.

What Role Does the Teacher Play?

The role of the teacher therefore is critical to the success of the student in the classroom and after they leave the school. An educator will also have a relationship with the parents of their students as well as other educators. I think that as an educator we have a very important purpose of providing inspiration to others regardless of whether they are students, their parents, local residents, or our peers. Collaboration within the community and workplace are an important aspect of an educator’s philosophy.

A Makerspace program is a great way to provide connections with the local community by pulling in local experts in crafts, skills, or hobbies. Implementing a Technology Student Help Desk will also provide a collaboration between students and their peers, but also the teachers and other staff of the school as well.


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