By Sam Edwards

hatchet history

FACT In the 1600 hatchets where made with wood and stone

I LEARNED THIS FROM warpats2peacepipes.com

FACT A hatchet axes weighed 2-3 pounds

I LEARNED THIS FROM warpats2peacepipes.com

FACT A hatchet blade was usually 7-9'' long

I LEARNED THIS FROM warpats2peacepipes.com

FACT A hatchet was a symbol of war and peace

I LEARNED THIS FROM warpats2peacepipes.com

Hatchet plot diagram

character map



Brian Robeson.


Wanted to get to his dad.


But Brian's pilot had a heat attak in mid flite and Brian crashed.


So Brian lived 2 months stranded on a iland.


Then a plain came and got him.





Surrounding: the area around a person place or thing

Shattered: to break something into pieces

Destroyed: tearing something apart or ruining something

The people are surrounding me.

My friend shattered my iPhone screen.

My dog destroyed my couch.

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1. I can infer Brian will get rescued. Text evidence: The plane came two times which means they are looking for him.

2. I can infer Brian will survive. Text evidence: Brian has food, clean water, and skill. That is all you need to survive.

Gary Paulsen as an Author

Gary Paulsen has written many books. In my opinion Gary is a great writer and if someone came and asked me about him, I would say the same, and more. He is creative, thinks outside the box, and has great ideas. He gives you clues about what is coming next and makes you think while you read. I would recommend any of his books.


The text is realistic fiction because what happened in Hatchet has not happened in real life, but it could.

Personal Connection

Brian and I are both creative thinkers. He likes to work with his hands, and I do also.

Venn Diagram

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