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Miss Marney's Class December 14,2015

This Month at Starside

This week:

Monday December 14

  • O Day: Library
  • Sparkle Math
  • PTA Pizza Hut NIght

Tuesday December 15

  • M day: PE and Music
  • Sparkle Reading

Wednesday, December 16

  • E day: Art
  • Sparkle Homework Help

Thursday December 17

  • T day: PE and Music
  • Sparkle Clubs
  • PTA Winter Movie Party

Friday, December 18

  • No School

December 18-January 4th Winter break No School

Winter Break Challenge

Each student will get the chance to participate in the Winter Break Challenge. The list will come home on Wednesday. The challenge is one page of activities. Each activity they complete will be colored in. On January 5th send the activity sheet back to school. In addition to the Winter Break Challenge, your child will have a poetry race poem.

Both activities are optional.

Thank you for Sharing your Child

I have really enjoyed getting to know your children the first part of this school year. They have really grown in just this short amount of time. I am looking forward to the rest of the school year.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful and relaxing winter break.

Extended Absence Reminder

Please be sure to let the office know when your student will be absent for an extended period. You will need to complete our Extended Absence Request Form. This helps your child’s teacher to prepare work and plan for your child’s absence. It also assists our office maintain accurate attendance reporting. Forms are located in the Starside office.

Donors Choose

This is the website link above is the website that hosts the project I have written. This project is to get 2 more iPads for the classroom which would bring us to a total of 5.

Reading Calendar

Don't forget to be marking every time your child reads 20 minutes and practices 10 minutes of math facts on the calendar in the RACE binder. I will be taking them out on January 5.


We are continuing to work on subtraction. The objectives we will focus on are the following:

  • Subtraction regrouping 1 ten for 10 ones
  • models to subtract two and one digit numbers
  • subtracting two and one digit numbers
  • models to subtracting two digit numbers
  • subtracting on a number line
  • using addition to check subtraction
  • ways to subtract

Don't forget xtramath.org is a great resource for practicing math facts. All addition facts should be mastered by December. Subtraction facts should be mastered by May.

Skills that can still be reviewed:

  • time to 5 minutes
  • counting by 5's forwards and backwards
  • adding facts up to 20
  • place value number of tens and ones in a problem
  • subtraction facts up to 20

Fun math games for practice

Reading and Writing

For the next few weeks we are going to be working on the parts of a letter and then writing letters. We will be doing this in a fun way by writing letters to Santa. We have also been writing a story where we help Santa solve a problem.
Digital Books

The Kansas Library has free digital books. If you go to this page you can click on many different types. The one we use in class the most is Tumble books.


For the next few weeks we will be working on how to stop erosion. They are now going to make houses to withstand a hurricane. The houses will then be tested with a leaf blower, have water sprayed on it and debris thrown at it.

STEM in December

We will be doing turkey baster launchers. We will see how far we can launch a ping pong ball with a turkey baster. If you have any turkey basters we would appreciate them. We are needing at least 5. We have plenty of ping pong balls.


Travel Changes

If your child is going home a way that is different than normal please notify the office by 3:00. You will need to email Tami Gothard at TGothard@usd232.org or call 913-667-6270. If you know ahead of time, you can also send in a note.

Follow the Activities of Our Class on Social Media

There are lots of ways to follow what is going on in our classroom.

  • Class Twitter account @StarsideMarney.
  • Text Messages from me when you text @missmarn to 81010. When you sign up, your child will get a pencil from me.
  • You can also follow Starside @StarsideComets

Cooler Weather is Here

The cooler weather has arrived. Please make sure your child is dressing appropriately for the weather. We will go outside whenever possible so please send jackets if needed.
Lunch Menu

Click on the button to see what is for lunch this week.

Lunch Money

When sending lunch money, please send it in an envelope with your child's name on it. Also if you are planning to eat lunch with your child please email blawson@usd232.org to order your lunch preference by 9 am.