Technology Purchasing Decisions

The best computer devices for retail business employees

ASUS G750JW for the Graphic Designer

  • Superior RAM and hard drive capabilities
  • Features top-of-the-line graphical capabilites
  • Large display allows the grapic designer to work comfortably
  • Four USB 3.0 ports can be used with many graphic design peripherals, such as a pen tablet, scanner, and digital camera
  • Better value than the more expensive Apple MacBook Pro

Dell XPS 27 Touch for the Cashier

  • All-in-one business computer is ideal for retail environment
  • 27-inch touchscreen makes data imput easy and efficient
  • 2032 GB of storage capacity provides for all point of sale needs
  • Five convenient ports allow for the simple installation of POS devices: handheld scanner, receipt printer, and card reader
  • Includes McAfee Security and a premium service warranty

Dell XPS 12 for the Sales Representative

  • 6 hours of average battery life is handy for the traveling sales representative who may not always be near a power source
  • Lightweight and portable design makes travel more convenient
  • Convertible design allows for use as either a laptop or a tablet
  • Display size and screen resolution are highest in its class
  • Priced mid-range without sacrificing performance or storage space
  • Wireless capabilites for communication and Internet access