Asteroids From Coming Into Earth

Plans to Stop D-1 From Entering Earths Atmosphere

Tactical-High-Engery Laser (THEL)

The THEL laser ( Tactical High Energy Laser) was invented by a Northrop Grumman-led team of U.S. and Israeli contractors. The laser is based on deuterium fluoride chemical laser (DFCL) technologies. This laser has proven to be worthy and extremely useful in our plan, because if put these lasers into a couple of satellites and launch them into space, we can shoot it at the asteroid, and hopefully the heat and pressure will break up the asteroid into smaller pieces. We can complete and make 5-6 THEL lasers in 6 months!
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Solar Sails

The Solar Sail was invented by a french researcher. What the Solar Sail does is that it moves the asteroids off course instead of it coming into Earth. It moves the Asteroid off course by the Solar Sail protecting it from Solar Radiation. The Solar Sail will the eliminate the Yarkovsky effect between the Sun and D-1. NASA just tested the biggest in Solar Sail in 2014 and it was successful.

Multiple Explosions

Multiple Explosions would destroy the Asteroid into smaller pieces so, that when the asteroid falls into Earth there wouldn't be much of impact because by the time it enters earths atmosphere the asteroids would be formed into dust. The multiple explosion would decrease the mass of asteroid and that means the asteroid would have a less impact on Earth. Multiple Explosions have been good for some plans because they don't send the explosions at the right time
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Nuclear Explosions

The nuclear bombs were invented after World War II, when Albert Einstein send about the nuclear bombs incredible power, by compressing and using nuclear fission. This bomb is useful to our plan because in the 1900’s the USA, dropped a nuclear bomb in Hiroshima and it and it demolished the whole city. The nuclear bomb, is the strongest bomb invented, and it is sure to cause the asteroid to go off course and if not break it. Plus it doesn’t need oxygen for it to explode. The only downer is that it will emit radiation; however some extra radiation on the planet is nothing compared to complete extinction. Nuclear Explosions have been used before but scientists don't use them because they think it could be a harm to Earth
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Our Plan to Prevent D-1 From Entering Earths Atmosphere

Our plan to stop D-1 from coming into Earth is from Earth we will launch our Solar Sail from 79 degrees. When the Solar Sail gets launched into space the Solar Sail would start to move the Asteroid off course. As the asteroid is moving off course we would send to two satellites which would have lasers on them. The laser would start cutting the asteroids into pieces. The laser would have much affect to the asteroid so, we will attack the asteroid by sending mini nuclear rockets at the different points of the asteroid from different locations. When the asteroids are in small pieces they would coming into earth but, as they come in to Earth the asteroid would be formed into small particles