Monday Message

March 10 - 14

Good Morning!

It's a great Monday morning, and I have few updates for you as you drink your morning coffee. I'm trying something a little bit new this week with the format, so let me know what you think. Don't forget to closely never know when a surprise might be hidden in here.

-- Julie

Upcoming Events

March 10

  • Early Dismissal (1:30)

March 12

  • Grades cut off

March 13

  • Spring Pictures

March 14

  • Grades uploaded by noon
  • 4th grade music program (Harrison, Montgomery, Cassels, Richey)
  • SAR Reward: Pickles and games in the hall

March 15

  • Family Garden Day 10-12

Recommended Reading

Don't Forget...

  • Fourth Grade will be performing their RATS program this week, based on the Pied Piper of Hamlin. This program has been a joint effort between the 4th grade literacy teachers who had their students read the original poem by Robert Browning several weeks ago and Haley, who incorporated the music and parts. The after-school Pinterest classed worked on the sets for the program. Great interdisciplinary integration!
  • Baby Shower for Ashley and Maegan next Wednesday at 3:30 (think pink!)

What I've Noticed

As I visit classrooms in our building, I am often amazed by the level of student engagement that I see and the command of the classroom that our teachers have. Yes, I know we have discipline issues just like other schools, but I don't know how much each of you realize just how much you excel in classroom management. Administrators around our area have been saying at meetings all year how they can't believe how much training their teachers need in classroom management. Mary and I just look at each other with a confused look...we are NOT seeing the same thing in our rooms. This has become such a need that the Co-op has begged Lisa Brown to come out of retirement and help them! I know that AdvancED noted this as one of the positive things they saw, but I want you to know that Mary, Sandy, and I see it everyday. And I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for texting that parent for the tenth time to let them know that their child has several SAR marks this week. Thank you for calling parents and letting them know when their child's grades are declining. Thank you for taking the time to write notes in students' planners. Thank you for your professionalism in parent-teacher conferences and your willingness to share your ideas with parents. Thank you for welcoming students back into your room after they've been gone to ISS for days with a smile on your face. I know we don't say it often, but it matters. What you're doing makes a difference with your students. You're doing a wonderful job, and I'm honored to work with each of you. Oh, one more thing. If you read this far, email me and let me know. This week we'll draw from those who respond for a free lunch duty pass!