Fourth-grade News

Hosp Elementary, Frisco, Texas


Our fourth-grade writers are ready to show off their hard work on the Writing STAAR, set for March 30 and 31.

We are so proud of their efforts this year! For example, your fourth-graders can identify compound sentences and punctuate them correctly. They can distinguish common nouns from proper nouns. They know at least five correct uses of commas. They can execute five stages of writing (plan, draft, revise, edit and publish) with clarity and voice. They know that the purpose of an expository essay is to explain and that a personal narrative tells a true story of a small moment with a beginning, middle and end.

Here are some details and tips to help make testing days worry-free.

  • Visitors are not allowed on campus either day. Please plan to visit another day for lunch or volunteering.
  • We need students on campus all day, both days, and we ask that you not schedule discretionary dental or medical appointments during school hours those days.
  • Please make sure that your child gets plenty of rest the night before tests.
  • Please make sure that your child eats a healthy breakfast in the morning before testing.
  • Students may bring a water bottle to class for testing. Students will not bring any food to class.
  • Students will bring at least one book to class. They can read in any remaining time after the test is completed.

Thank you for your support at home!


Parents, please note that we will have STAAR math and reading tests on April 21 and 22. Visitors will not be allowed on campus. We appreciate you making sure that students are on campus all day both days.


Math: Geometry: Measuring Angles

Science: Inherited Traits vs. Learned Behaviors

Reading: Comprehension skills

Writing: Personal Narratives and Expository Essays

Grammar: Pronouns; Capitalization

Social Studies: World War I


Have you heard your fourth-grader talk about Google Classroom? Each student knows how to log in to Google Classroom and how to find, complete and turn in assignments. Ask your resident tech expert (your child!) to show you around Google Classroom!


You can find current spelling lists on our web page. Click here for the link.


All fourth-graders have been encouraged this year to read at least 40 books, representing various genres.
  • Poetry
  • Traditional literature
  • Realistic fiction
  • Historical fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Science fiction
  • Mystery
  • Informational nonfiction
  • Biography/autobiography/memoir
  • Chapter books (reader's choice)

Please check in with your child to ask how his/her list is shaping up! We are halfway through the school year, so students who have been tracking their reading should have about 20 books listed so far.

Big congratulations from Sethu in Mrs. Damm's class and Anirudh in Mrs. Turner's class. Both have accomplished the 40-Book Challenge and are featured on a bulletin board in the main hallway.


The Student Learning Hub offers links to curriculum-related resources. For example, you can view state standards for all subjects; characteristics of reading genres; and videos that explain how math concepts are taught in the district. Your child's homeroom teacher has already sent a click sheet that walks you through the login process. Please let us know if you have questions.