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If you have been hurt in terrible accident call us. We can give you the help you deserve.

Here at T&L Thompson we work to make life easier for you. We have worked with many clients and we have gotten justice with all of them. The process is easy.

How the case will be ran...

Of course you will be the Plaintiff due to the fact that you are the one that is filing the law suit. The person you are suing will be the defendant. You will not have to let the person you are suing know that you are suing them. To prevent you from having any contact will them we will inform the person that you are suing them by sending them a complaint.

After they are notified......

We will try many different tactics before taking them to court. We will try to have a mediation. If they don't take it seriously they will be summon to court. Both parties along with their lawyers will attend a pretrial conference. Then the trail will begin. the jury will hear the pleadings. We will do a preponderance of evidence, this is just to make sure that all the evidence you provide is good to use in court to make sure that the defendant will not try to appeal claiming that the evidence was mishandled.

During the trial......

If the judge and jury can not reach a verdict there will be a arbitration. The will listen to the you and the defendant, review the case and make a final decision. We promise that we will do everything in our will power to make sure that your case was won.


So call us. We are always here when you need us.

Well give you the help you deserve.