is heroin bad?

how is heroin bad for you

what is heroin?

Heroin is a drug used by 500,000 people regularly. Heroin is made of a flower called an opium poppy. The drug usually comes from mexico and colombia and is a very addictive drug. You can describe this drug as a white or brown powder with a bitter taste. The drug is usually used by injecting,vaporized or sniffed.

effects of heroin use

The effects of heroin may include anxiety,constipation,chills,dry mouth,warm flushing of the skin,severe itching,vomiting,slow breathing this may also cause death

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1.3 percent of all eighth graders have tried heroin before

1.5 percent of all tenth and twelfth graders reporting that they had tried heroin

and 1.6 percent of all americans have tried heroin and that's about 4.2 million people