He Just Doesn't Give up!

The Inventions of Hugo Cabret

this book shows that anything can happen at anytime!

Main characters and events

The main characters in the book is Hugo Cabret, Isabelle, and George Melies. Some of the main events was when Hugo's dad died, when Hugo's uncle died and he had to live on his own. Some other main events that were in the book was when Hugo was caught stealing the toys from George Melies. But the two most important events was when Hugo finished the machine and he and George connected by relating to the picture and also when George took Hugo in to be part of his family.

Brian Selznick

Brian Selznick was born in 1966 and has one brother, one sister, five nephews, and one niece. He studied in The Rhode Island School of Design. His first book was The Houdini Box which was published in 1991. He also worked on The Boy With a Thousand Faces. The Inventions of Hugo Cabret was the longest and the most involved book he ever worked on. This same book won the Caldecott Medal. This was a great accomplishment because the Caldecott Medal is for picture books and The Inventions of Hugo Cabret is a novel which makes this book the first novel to get this award.