PVE Friday Focus for April 11, 2014

"Where a Great Beginning Lasts a Lifetime!"

Week in Review & Upcoming Preview

Good Morning and Happy Friday! We have had a great week of school launching back into routine and setting our sails on this last bell lap for our sprint to the finish. Thank you for the solid discussion over our safety scenarios at yesterday's staff meeting. We never have enough time and I give my apologies for running out before covering scenario 2 and 3. Our benefits representative ran over on time and I could not make up lost ground.

Mark your calendars for our next staff meeting, Thursday, May 1st. Dr. Robison will be joining in sharing our survey results. We will meet in the PD Room starting at 8:00 AM.

Last night was a celebrated success with PVE Writes. We had a significant turn out of support from our parent community. Many, many thanks to Donna, Jodi, our PTO and each of our teachers! This afternoon we will have our illustrator in sharing with our students. As a reminder, K-2 will drop off students at 1:00 and pick up at 1:45. Grades 3-4 will drop off at 2:00 and pick up at 2:45. Teachers will be visited by Tammy and Kristen during this time.

Enjoy the weekend!


Upcoming Calendar

Friday, April 11


Secretary Only meeting 7:30

Coaches Meeting

Saturday, April 12

E-Day ( Replaces January 10)

Monday, April 9

E-Lessons Due from students

Tuesday, April 15

Certify E-Lesson Completion as Certification of Attendance on Saturday, March 8

**Provide quality feedback to all students prior to Friday, 4/18.

Grade Level Meeting – 2nd

Peer Shadow

Wednesday, April 16

Midterm Ends

**Provide quality feedback to all students prior to Friday, 4/18.

Front Office Meeting Secretaries -7:30 AM Conference room 1


Kdg. Round-up 10:00 – 6:00

Thursday, April17

Lower Gym off use until Monday, May 5th

**Provide quality feedback to all students prior to Friday, 4/18.

Teacher deadline to post

Jodi Burns at Purdue

Friday, April 18

Grades available on PEP

Tech Shares 8:20-8:50 STEM Room

Jodi Burns at Purdue

Monday, April 21 – Monday, April 28

ISTEP+ PRACTICE TEST Window (online)

Wednesday, April 23

Administrative Professional Day – APRIL TRIBE 3rd Grade

Front Office Meeting Secretaries -7:30 AM Conference room 1

PLC Literacy 1:30 – 3:30 TBD

Aquatic Therapy – OT/PT

Thursday, April 24th

2nd grade music program 6:00 p.m. Lower Gym

Friday, April 25

Secretary Only meeting 7:30

KDG. to Waitts Dairy Farm (Weesie and Brown)