JUNE 2013


Welcome to The Wag Network's 1st newsletter for 2013!

In January, like most, I'm sure you gave the new year some thought. Words like resolution, goals, dreams and aspirations tend to make their appearances this time of the year. Or are you still plagued by the images of horror and mayhem 2012 seems to have left most of us with? I did an informal survey of people's impressions of the year that's been and almost 99% said it was a really sh&t year! Basically what we're left with are 2 choices! It's quite simple. Either we choose to continue in the same vain of woe is me and my shitty life -new year same shit scenario! Or we choose to make 2013 THE year we actually seriously take responsibility for what happens and work on changing how we respond to what happens. Of course we can continue to blame our misfortunes on our partners, parents, family, the government, the weather, and whatever else may be on your list. But then at least know that you have chosen to do so. No one else made that choice. Only YOU!

Now that I have that off my chest (also as a reminder for myself!)

What is on the WAG Network's agenda for 2013?

Personally, I have had my own share of shittyness. I have however, embraced this learning experienced and am working on my own personal plan of action for 2013 incorporating the changes I needed to make as I re-invent my vision of the life I would like to live. As I'm sure you realise by now -it is all about the journey and realising that nothing is cast in stone and if we can but practice the art of going with the flow as well as our hearts desire - we will be able to proactively engage in the creation of our Best Lives.

So back to the Wag Network and 2013. I will still be hosting breakfast events, facilitating Wag workshops and running my coaching and stress management practice. Two major differences is that I will also be formally employed as a part-time facilitator at UCT (which I am quite excited about) and......... wait for it........ I will embark on realising one of my deepest heart's desire! No more pussyfooting, fantasising etc. What is this dream you may be wondering? I AM FINALLY GOING TO WRITE MY BOOK! I have had many ideas and will probably have many more but I have finally landed on one. And I need you help in making it happen while helping you at the same time. You can read more below about the 10 Women Life Makeover Challenge -10 stories of Transformation (the title of my book for now).

THE 10 WOMEN LIFE MAKEOVER CHALLENGE - 10 remarkable Stories of Transformation!



  • Commit to 12 sessions over a 3 month period
  • Invest in creating the life you know you REALLY want to be living.
  • Keep a transformation journal/blog
  • Be open (not forced) to be included in the book ‘The 10 Women Life Makeover Challenge’.

Through the program you will:

  • Find Direction, Focus & Clarity
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Developing ACTION plans for change
  • Identify and eliminate limiting beliefs
  • Develop Balance in life
  • Guaranteed results
  • Most importantly - Learn to value you!

For taking part in this challenge you will get:

  • Huge reduction in fees
  • 12 Coaching sessions over a 3 month period
  • Email support
  • The option of continuing the coaching process at the same rate
  • An invite to the book launch!


To find out more you are invited to attend one of two coffee sessions to see if you’re ready and willing to Kickstart the life you were meant to live and help others at the same time!

Sat 26th at Bethzatha Wellness Spa 11am – 12.30pm OR

Sun 27th at 5 Popham Street, Bloubergrand, Table View 15.00pm – 16.30pm

RSVP: Sat 19th January 2013

To book a place at these sessions please Contact Inez Woods on 0721841518 or email