Video game history

By Claytin


A video game is a game on a T.V. that you can control. It’s a motion picture animated game.

When and Why

They started make video games in 1958 to entertain kids when they are bored, or on a rainy day.

First counsel

The first game counsel was Magnavox Odyssey they made a lot of games for it before the PlayStation, Xbox, and the Wii came along. A lot of people had the, then they made the Play Station, Xbox, and the Wii.

First made in different country

He made the first video game in Japan in Kyoto, Japan. It was Donkey Kong. They also had it as a arcade game. The characters in it were Donkey Kong, Jump man (Mario), and Princess Peach.

First game

The first game ever was Tennis for Two, and they had it on the Magnavox Odyssey a lot of people had it then they started making other games and forgot about Tennis for Two.

The 3 most popular counsels

The 3 most popular counsels after the Magnavox Odyssey were the Play Station, Xbox, and the Wii, they selled perfectly everybody wanted them!