The Friday Feature!

News and Notes for the Madison Staff (9/11/15)

Top 5 ROE and Fire Department Inspection Infractions! Coming on Wednesday!

5. Cluttered Storage Closets

4. Toxic art supplies not secured

3. Storage items within 24 inches of ceiling

2. Obstructed hallways


1. Obstructed classroom unit ventilators: Items placed on top of in front of the air/heat ventilators in classrooms.

Where Are the Reflection Guides?

The reflection guides are now highlighted as a separate tab in Teaching and Learning Together. This includes FIT, D200 Math, D200 ELA. Just bookmark the Teaching and Learning D200 site and choose "District Posts".

You can also find all of our Reflection Guides on the Madison Mountain Lion Lair.

Data Collection and Review

All grade 1-5 students should have FnP assessments completed by September 16. Our first Grade Level Benchmarking Meetings will be on Friday, September 18 so that Reading Intervention groups can start ASAP. The reading team will be working with teachers in classrooms until then. Here's our schedule for September 18.

Institute Day on September 25

We've got a great day of learning planned! The whole staff will be together at Madison from 8AM-11:30AM. In the morning we will:

  • Learn some Google Calendar basics!
  • Engage in conceptual fraction learning for all grades and plan with the team! Bring your current fraction unit or plans.
  • Dive into some new and existing ELA resources with Lisa and MJ!
  • Vote on an idea from the BLT!
In the afternoon, from 12:30-3:00PM, Grades K-2 will go to Pleasant Hill. Grades 3-5 will attend sessions at Bower. There will be multiple, flexible offerings related to ELA. Each grade will end the day with a structured grade level sharing time.


Please remember to enter your classroom schedule on your grade level tab of the Master Schedule. Items to include in your schedule:

Math Block, Each component of the Reading Framework, Social Studies, Science, Writing, Extra Recess (if you choose to take a 15 minute extra recess).

Important Dates

Mon, Sep 14: 8:30AM Staff meeting with Faith Dahlquist and more!

Mon, Sept 14: PTA Wishlists are due!

Tue, Sept 15: All local assessment spreadsheets MUST be in to Lindsey today!

Wed, Sep 16: 7AM ROE and FIRE Inspections!

Wed, Sep 16: 8:30AM Staff Meeting (moved to Monday this week)

Wed, Sep 16 and 17: Madison Run-a-Thon

Wed, Sep 16: AIMS Benchmarking Day

Thus, Sep 17: 12:00PM PTA Meeting

Fri, Sep 18: Data Review Meetings (schedule above)

Thu, Sep 24: Shift Day to Friday

Fri, Sep 25: Institute Day 8-11:30AM at Madison, PM Travel to Bower or PHill

Sat, Sep 26: PTA Trivia Night (Staff team? It's Free! Teams of 10)

Wed, Oct 7: 8:30AM Staff Meeting

Wed, Oct 21: 8:30AM Staff Meeting

Tues, Oct 27: Parent/Teacher Conferences

Wed, Oct 28: Names of Pawsitive Behavior Coin winners to office

Thurs, Oct 29: Parent/Teacher Conferences

Wed, Nov 11: 9:30AM Veterans Day and Coin Assembly

Thu, Nov 12: Multi-Cultural Day

Fri, Nov 13: Teacher Work Day