Office of Student Services

December, 2021 Vol 1

Check it out! Assistive Tech Resources for Students !

We want to remind folks to check out our Assistive Technology website has a wealth of information and resources for families!

this easy to use site is set up to help give you ideas on using assistive technology for students to access their instruction?! Check it out!

Loving what you see? Join our Assistive Tech Team! Reach out for more information

Want to get started?

Check out these tutorials on using Google Read and Write!

Use this link to learn how to Add this extension to Chrome!

Add Google Read & Write to Chrome

Google Read & Write Tutorials:

Check out these tools to learn how to use Google Read and Write!

Is Speech and Language Therapy the Right Service for my Child?

Our district-wide Speech & Language Pathologists have been working on a parent resource designed to provide some guidance about if SLP services are the right choice to consider for a student. Check out this brochure to learn about their role in public schools!


Federation for Children Focus Group Opportunity!

Keep Expectations High for Student Success!

Partnerships between families, educators, and communities create powerful family engagement. We need to hear from you as the State of Massachusetts sets its goals and targets for education.

This is a collaboration between the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) and the Federation for Children with Special Needs (FCSN).

All groups are 5pm-6pm and here are the dates for each group!

11/30 Preschool

12/1 High School and Beyond

12/3 State Assessment

12/8 Parental Involvement

12/10 Student placements (ages 3-22)

CLICK HERE to register!

Additional information from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education HERE

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