We've Missed You PXU Family!

Did you enjoy your Fall Break? We hope you recharged, relaxed, and enjoyed time with your loved ones. We are excited to welcome you back this week and share the unique news we have gathered for you these past weeks. From remote dancing to ACT goodie bags, we have some uplifting stories to prepare you for the weekend!

Like always, Even though we are in the middle of a pandemic, it does not mean we should stop spreading positivity or sharing the innovative things happening in our district.

Creating With A Screen

Creating with a Screen | PXU Dance Teachers Performance
Our #PXU dance teachers continue to remain creative and connected during this time. Check out this video created by Metro Tech High School Dance Teacher Lauran Stanis, who performs alongside all of our school dance instructors.

Each teacher choreographed their movements remotely, danced the pieces in their own homes, and pieced it together into one lovely Covid-19 inspired dance concert. We hope you enjoy watching!


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Congratulations to our very own Dr. Holly Batsell, Principal from Bioscience High School, for earning the 2020 Maricopa County Exemplary Principal Award. The Office of the Maricopa County School Superintendent, led by Steve Watson, delivered the award to Dr. Batsell earlier this week.

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Considered one of the most prestigious education awards in Arizona, the Maricopa County Exemplary Principal Award recognizes Principals who exemplify practices and leadership that contribute to high expectations and exceptional student learning. Congratulations, Dr. Batsell!

Central Marketing Back On Campus

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Student leaders in Central’s CTE Marketing Program participated in a speed-team-connect 4 team-building exercise on their first Tuesday back on campus. The game was a rapid fire, team-based version of connect 4. Each player had only about 3 seconds (15 yards, sprinting), to figure out what strategy their teammate may be using in placing their move. Then, make their own connect-4 move to compliment them. You would hear comments like, “I saw what you were doing there, so I…”
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The crew spans through several different classes and periods; many of whom were meeting each other for the first time. What a fun and effective way to get them thinking like a team!

The marketing team also participated in a separate event, a socially-distanced name game promoting empathy with water balloons.

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The psychology here is awesome – as soon as someone gets a little wet, there is immediate empathy from the group (and especially from the person who tossed them the balloon). After a few rounds, you end up with a group of students who value and care about one another. Solid feedback from happy students, who will not forget each-others names.
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Falcon Esports: Varsity Victories and a Strong Preseason Finish!

Be sure to give a shout-out and a big virtual high-five to both your Falcon Esports Varsity League of Legends Team and your Falcon Esports Rocketeers Varsity Team as they both swept their opposing teams in this last week of preseason play, and are riding high on big wins leading into the first week of Regular Season play next week!
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While most of us were enjoying a restful Fall Break, the Falcon Esports teams were in Preseason competition, giving their all to ensure they are prepared and well positioned for victory in the Regular Season tournament brackets starting on October 20th.

This week, it was other schools’ turn to decide whether to play during their Fall Break, and while some schools chose to forfeit due to players being either unwilling or unable to play during Break, the Desert Ridge team showed up ready to play the best-of-two match. Team Captain and Mid-Laner Abraham Martinez, Support Josue Vazquez, ADC Fredit Panduro, Top Laner Isaac Rodriguez and Jungler Oscar Huerta showed little mercy on the Fields of Justice, as they demolished Desert Ridge’s starting lineup in the first match, with Oscar Huerta earning the Player of the Game rank with a KDA score of 11.

Oscar’s jungle game was too much for the opposing team, as he racked up bonuses and buffs for the team, stopping only to assist with coordinated attacks with Top Laner Isaac Rodriguez that overwhelmed the poor Desert Ridge team’s Top Laner, who apparently became so frustrated (or “Tilted” as the kids say) that he initiated a vote to Forfeit the 2nd match, resulting in an instant win for your Falcon Esports Legends V01 team, who showed remarkably good sportsmanship in the face of this decidedly unsportsmanlike conduct from the opposing team.

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Despite a rocky start due to the Independence HS team being on Fall Break, and with a huge thanks to IHS Coach Zachary Barton for taking time out of his Fall Break vacation in Flagstaff to round up his players for the scheduled match, Offense and Team Captain Jorge Castillo, Midfield Julio Lopez and Defense Kevin Gracia wasted no time on the Rocket League pitch, dispatching the IHS team in three straight matches, but sticking around after the match to scrim with a combination of players from both the IHS State and Regional teams.

Your Rocketeers have shown incredible progress in the areas of ball control and two-man combo shots on goal, with an “Alley-oop” technique that has proven most effective in getting around even the toughest goal defenses.

With these victories, both the Rocketeers and the Legends finished within the top five out of all the teams competing in AIA Fall 2020 Preseason play! With today’s victory, the Rocketeers pushed ahead of friendly rivals Camelback High School and Willow Canyon HS to secure a 4th place spot out of the 33 teams in the Preseason rankings, which bodes well for their chances in the Regular Season next week!
The Legends wrapped up the preseason with a very respectable 5th place finish out of 26 teams, a result that caught them by surprise a little, as they went even-stevens with a 5-5 Win/Loss record. the Legends Varsity team has learned a lot through their constant practicing and have bonded as a team well, which has given them confidence that they can prove to be a match for tough teams like Mountain View HS, Salpointe HS and they look forward to nothing more than the chance to be the proverbial David to Brophy Prep’s Goliath.
be sure to root for all your Falcon Esports teams as they boldly venture forth into the Regular Season and the chance for Fortune and Glory!
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Kittens Looking For "Furever" Homes

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The Dispatch at Trevor Browne High School are still helping Pebbles, Meeko, and Cookie find a "furever" home. They also have 3-5 week old kittens who will need homes in 6 weeks.
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Parties interested in adopting or seeing more of the kittens up for adoption, please contact Dispatch at Trevor Browne at ext. 48570 or send an email to badkins@phoenixunion.org.

Wholesome PXU Moments

Linda Reid | Trevor G. Browne High School

"At the end of a very long day, imagine how nice it was to CLICK and enjoy something fun for a change! I wanted to share with you some of the 'love' we receive at TGB from our incredible ADM Team who consistently keep us motivated and send uplifting messages. This week's is another great one! Enjoy! And please give our ADM a 'shoutout' for the 'EXTRA' effort to support our largest campus through distance learning!"

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Brian Fair | Academies at South Mountain

"Please congratulate Kamora Carr (Sr.) South Mountain Cross Country runner for coming in 1st Place in the in the PXU XC 1st race of the season with a time of 22:28!"
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Melissa Gard | Maryvale High School

"We proctored the ACT on our campus and our wonderful Counseling IL, Mrs. Allison Williams made these nice little goodie bags for the students testing! She purchased the items with her own money and assembled the bags on her own time to help our kids feel loved and supported! Maryvale is lucky to have her!"
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Important Reminders and Events

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